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How many people will this new covid jab kill or maim?

The UK is the first country to approve a new covid jab from Moderna.

The UK’s simply awful Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has given the jab approval and I have no doubt the damned stuff will be given to millions – making Moderna bosses and shareholders – and thousands of doctors – immensely rich.

The UK Government says that side effects observed in safety monitoring were the same as those seen for the original Modern booster dose and were ‘typically mild and self-resolving’ with ‘no serious safety concerns identified’ according to the MHRA.

I felt tired when I read that.

What can you say?

I suggest that the MHRA takes a look at the section on headed ‘UPDATED June 17th 2022 – How many people are the vaccines killing?

And I feel that I should point out for the millionth time that the MRHA accepted £980,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for `collaboration’.

Experts from Imperial College in London claimed in June that covid jabs had saved almost 20 million lives globally. I have no idea how they reached this conclusion and would be happy to debate it with them on the BBC but the BBC, which now seems to me to be a propaganda organisation, promoting the apparently diverse but surprisingly united interests of conspirators, communists and drug companies, rather than an organisation devoted to news, as its charter requires, doesn’t allow debate on vaccine issues. I heartily dispute the Imperial College figure and would, on the contrary, claim that the whole covid fraud (lockdowns, jabs, masks, etc.) will be responsible for more than 20 million deaths globally. (I would add that I believe that for two and a half years my predictions and assessments – all available on my websites – have been far more accurate than those from Imperial College.)

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