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3 Best Sites to Buy Discord Members (Safe & Legit)

The second half of 2022 has already begun, and Discord’s popularity is soaring high as always.  Over the years, Discord has earned a lot of fame due to its unique format and amazing features. Now, it is undisputedly the most renowned instant chatting app on the web, loved by Millennials and Gen-Z alike. 

Especially since 2020, Discord’s fame has crossed all boundaries, and now it has become a subject of interest for everyone. That’s why brand owners, marketers, influencers, and even celebrities have made their servers on Discord to establish their presence.

 The only problem is that a Discord server’s success highly depends on the number of its members. Without enough members, a server will not survive and eventually be shut down for no activity.

Of course, you can try to attract members the good old-fashioned way, but that takes a long time. Perhaps that’s why buying discord members has become a trend these days.

Even I have purchased discord members for my servers, and the results are just excellent. Engagement rates are up, new members are coming in, and don’t get me started on the organic reach. 

Now, I know that many of you also want to purchase discord members for your servers but don’t know how. So, here’s a thorough review of the three best sites to buy Discord members that I’ve personally tried.

The Best Place to Buy Discord Members

Best of Best: GetAFollower

“The first and perhaps the most spectacular site for purchasing Discord members is GetAFollower. The first reason GetAFollower is featured as the best site to buy Discord members is by reputable news publications like the Times-Standard, Washington Independent, and Ottawalife. Now, there are many reasons why this website is at the top of the list.”

This website provides fully active Discord members with real accounts that don’t just sit idle on your server. Instead, they are real members that poke around, interact with others and enhance your overall engagement rate.

Another fascinating thing about this site is that these guys provide a variety of Discord members. That’s right! You can buy Discord server members that are gamers, anime fans, NFT users, or just average Joes. 

Also, if you are a marketer or brand representative, GetAFollower is precisely what you need. These guys provide various digital services covering all significant social media goliaths like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Discord.

The first time I tried their services, I was blown away by their affordable service packages and unbeatable results. They delivered real Discord members in a very short time, and since then, my server has just been going up.

This site also has secure payment methods, which makes one feel confident about their decision. So, it won’t be wrong to say that GetAFollower is most certainly the best place to buy Discord members. 

From quality to safety, affordability to effectiveness, this site is unparalleled in all dimensions. It is more versatile compared to the other two sites, and that’s why it holds a special place in my heart. 

Second Best: Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is another great site for purchasing real Discord members that positively enhance your server’s organic stats.

Launched in 2011, this site has been providing top-notch media services for over a decade. They have built quite a reputation in the market for delivering high-quality discord members to their clients.

The main reason why I love this site is that these guys were the first ones to jump on the NFT and cryptocurrency train. This site not only delivers discord members that are NFT users but also allows customers to pay through cryptocurrency.

It means you can stay completely anonymous while purchasing online services from them. That’s quite cool, isn’t it?

Also, no matter what Discord members’ package you choose, their prices are affordable and justified. You can get 500 normal members on your server within three to five days by spending just 32 bucks. And that’s not it.

Buy Real Media allows you to use Discord as a launch pad and expand your influence on other social platforms. Whether you want to boost your Twitch stream, grow your YouTube channel, or enhance social proof on Instagram, this site can help you.

In short, this site is worthy of being called the best site to buy Discord members, and you should definitely check it out.

Third Best: Media Mister

Last but certainly not least, we have Media Mister, which provides Discord members in affordable bulk packages.

The most impressive feature of this site is that it offers targeted services. It means you can purchase Discord members from a specific country or worldwide. Not to forget that all their packages are what you can call ‘budget-friendly monthly packages.’

Ergo, you can purchase Discord members from them every month without putting any burden on your pocket. Doing so will consistently enhance the engagement of your server, keeping it alive and kicking.

This site also offers different types of Discord members that one can choose. However, they are best known for providing ‘online followers’ that have high retention and stay active for a while.

Interestingly, their Discord services aren’t just limited to providing members. This site also delivers Discord direct messages, which are a great way of enhancing reach on the platform. 

Media Mister provides a three sixty degrees solution for all your Discord problems, so at least visit it once.

Does Buying Discord Members Work?

Of course, buying Discord members is effective and even recommended by experts and community leaders. If you ensure to purchase real Discord members with active accounts, it will affect your stats positively. 

Besides, server members are a crucial social proof that affects how people perceive your server. It’s common psychology that people always join groups or communities that already have tons of members. 

Ergo, by purchasing Discord members, you make your server more appealing to the audience and convince them to join. 

Never forget that a server’s success directly depends on its number of members. Therefore, don’t overthink the prospects; simply buy Discord members to achieve your goals on the platform.

How to Buy Discord Members?

Purchasing Discord members is a delicate matter, and you must know everything about it before you step into the market. Here are some elements you need to look for before placing an order on a site.

Premium Services

Ensure that the site you select provides premium services and doesn’t compromise quality and authenticity. A great way to confirm that is by checking online reviews and checking their social media accounts. It will tell you a great deal about the nature of a site’s services.

Delivery Time

Always choose a site that promises a fast delivery time. However, if they offer to deliver a thousand Discord members in just a few hours, there’s something wrong. Remember that fast delivery is good, but unreasonably fast delivery can be harmful to your server.

Customer Reviews

Go through the site’s online reviews and read what customers have said about their services. If the customer reviews match the site’s claims, their services are genuine and trustworthy.

Secure Payment Methods

Secure payment methods should be your priority while selecting a site for buying Discord members. Only choose a site if it provides different payment methods and you find them secure and trustworthy.

Refund Policy

You should always have a window to come back if something goes wrong. Select a site that provides a money-back guarantee against its services. Also, a refund policy shows a provider’s confidence in the quality of its services. So, always keep this factor in mind. 

Budget Price

Keep your budget in mind while purchasing Discord members, and choose a provider that offers services at an affordable price. Only the best sites combine quality with affordability, so this factor can help you judge their quality easily. 

Customer Support

Look for a site that offers reliable customer support so you can seek guidance from them whenever you want. If a provider has a well-trained support team, they are willing to work with the clients and can be trusted.


In this day and age, boosting a Discord server without buying members has become almost impossible. One must find the best places to buy this crucial social proof quickly in order to survive on the platform.

The good news is that the three sites mentioned in today’s articles are fantastic for this job. I have personally tried all of them and have found them effective. Do not waste time overthinking and check out these sites as soon as possible. 

We hope you liked this article and found it helpful for your cause. Stay with us for more informative posts, and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Safe to Buy Discord Members?

It is safe if you buy Discord members from a trusted site with an impeccable record.

2 . Are they Real Discord Members?

Yes! All the sites mentioned in this post provide real Discord members that effectively increase the engagement of a server.

3. When can I Expect Delivery?

The delivery time depends on the number of Discord members you have ordered. However, most packages are delivered within five days.

4. How Much Does it Cost to Buy Discord Members?

Discord members don’t cost that much, and you can purchase them at quite affordable prices. Many Discord members’ packages begin at only eight dollars, so you can start from there.

5. Can Others Find Out if I Buy Discord Members?

The Discord members are delivered discretely and orderly, so they seem natural. Thus, no one will find out if you buy Discord members for your server.


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