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The Fall of Saint Jacinda is a Cautionary Tale

Camilla Tominey has written an excellent squib for the Telegraph about the political misfortunes of Jacinda Arden and how her difficulties may be a warning to other would-be woke Western leaders. In particular, her decision to turn New Zealand into a prison island, seemingly in pursuit of a ‘Zero Covid’ policy, has been economically castrophic.

At one point it seemed as if Jacinda Adern was able to walk on water as New Zealand’s “progressive” young Prime Minister.

The former president of the International Union of Socialist Youth turned Labour leader was a poster girl for the woke movement, winning plaudits for everything from her benefit hikes to her attempt to legalise cannabis.

The Atlantic gushingly described her as “the most effective leader on the planet” while the Financial Times breathlessly proclaimed: “Arise, Saint Jacinda!”

Then the pandemic happened. By behaving like SAGE on steroids and closing the country down for months on end, Adern may have saved lives but killed the island nation’s economy.

Now her chances of re-election are looking decidedly uncertain, with new polling showing increased support for a right leaning coalition.

The National party are now ahead at 37% to Labour’s 33%. If National joined forces with its traditional partner, the libertarian-right Act Party on 11%, the two would have enough seats to form a Government.

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