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Personal ‘Spirit Portraits’ by Neil Hague

Through art I have attempted to allow the mysterious world of archetypal forces a vehicle for expression. To do this I have had my head in universal myths and legends for many years, which have given me greater insights into the forces behind what we call ‘inspiration’. At the same time, I have attempted to explore knowledge that empowers the imagination and gains understanding of the creator within. Without acknowledging the invisible realms of the imagination, we see ourselves as just physical energy; matter that is separate from the forces of creation and therefore un-whole.

My art went global in 2010 when I illustrated the cover of David Icke’s ground-breaking book, Human Race get off Your Knees – The Lion Sleeps No More. Seeing my lion image in Times Square when I travelled to the US with David the same year, was amazing (see below). The imagery flashed up all weekend at the Nokia Theatre where David addressed several thousand people. A Canadian school art teacher, Wendy Salter, in Alberta, even celebrated my work through initiating a fantastic lion project through her pupils (see link).

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