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Restaurant scraps plant-based dishes after becoming fed up with ‘holier-than-thou’ vegans

An award-winning cafe has at hit out at “holier-than-thou” vegan customers saying they shouldn’t have to adapt their menu to “suit” customers who don’t eat animal products.

The Kitchen at London House on the Isle of Wight went online to defend itself against “nasty” and “bullying” vegans who were outraged at their decision to refuse to cater to their diets.

Addressing its critics, it said: “If you want vegan food, go to a vegan restaurant.”

The popular high street restaurant in Ventnor said that though it used to serve some vegan food, they decided to stop because of a “militant minority” that spoilt it for the majority.

Vegans do not eat any food derived from animals and typically do not use any animal products at all.

The backlash from the island’s vegan community came after the restaurant and bistro recently announced the evening menu for Fridays and Saturdays on their Facebook page for their new London House Bistro restaurant.

The menu boasts mains including short rib of beef, confit duck leg cassoulet, sea bass – and a sole vegetarian option of goats cheese fig tart.

However, having seen the menu contained no vegan mains, some criticised the restaurant for not catering to their needs.

One user commented: “No vegan mains!!” to which the restaurant responded: “No!”

After responding to and defending their new menu choices, another user replied saying they were “trying your best to play the victim here”.

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