Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 12 August 2022

‘Woke’ Culture is Getting a Dose of Their Own Medicine – They’re Getting Canceled

As they say, karma is a bitch and you reap what you sow. ‘Woke’ culture is losing its influence as corporate executives are finally realizing it’s unpopular and costing them money. If you’re connected into the ‘system’, you don’t mess with the money. When it comes to money, nobody is safe, it’s what brings in profit that works and ‘Woke’ has proven to be a very costly risk that corporations are no longer willing to make. Despite the attacks against comedian Dave Chappelle, he stood strong and has moved on while Netflix succumbed to pressure and canceled him. Netflix also recently canceled the animated series, Q-Force after only one season even though it had LGBTQ characters and received pretty good reviews. Based on its actions, Netflix has become notorious for canceling and people have caught on.
Despite spending nearly a hundred million dollars, Warner Bros. scrapped the new Batgirl movie, because of poor screen testing. Even they saw that it was trash. Their comment was, “The decision to not release ‘Batgirl’ reflects our leadership’s strategic shift as it relates to the DC universe and HBO Max”. What this basically means is that ‘Woke’ is gone from Warner Bros., or at least will be significantly kept to a minimum, much like the one liner The Batman, about white supremacy. That’s likely all you’re going to see in future Warner Bros. productions. Fans are not stupid, and they are voicing their frustrations which is being picked up by executives. Going ‘Woke’ really does make you broke, and it’s being thrown out the window due to the financial implications it presents. Money talks, and while ‘Woke’ babies have caused a ruckus, money screams louder.
The ‘Woke’ mafia attacked popular Amazon Original Series, The Terminal List, with Chris Pratt, because it doesn’t align with their ideology. It features a masculine protagonist who is a Navy Seal and knows how to use firearms. It has a patriotic American theme and the ‘Woke’ can’t stand it. They whine and complain about anyone who achieves success in the theatrical arts without being ‘Woke’. Rippaverse, released ISOM #1, a new indie comic, and it became a million-dollar success, yet, they were attacked just for being ‘Non-Woke’. With the new superman being gay (bisexual to be exact), even hardcore comic fans have had enough and are not longer interested in the pandering to political thugs.
We’re likely going to see a radical change in culture and entertainment with ‘Woke’ being tossed aside in favor of what people want. Expect to see more films, comics, and entertainment returning to unapologetic action packed adventure that fans love free of toxic ‘Woke’ ideology. And expect to see big names corporations shifting away from ‘Woke’ to get their profits back up to where they need to be. Finally, expect to society in general, be it politics, culture, and what have you, to abandon the ‘Woke’ nonsense and go back to more holistic common sense.
‘Woke’ made their noise, but now they have lost. People are sick and tired of listening to their rubbish. They don’t want their children being taught about sexuality in kindergarten and don’t subscribe to them being misled about their gender. The ‘Woke’ movement is finished, and while they may have one last high-pitched squeaky roar, much like a dying animal, their time preaching their anti-human ideology is limited. Technology is surging rapidly so just like transgenders overshadowed gays and lesbians, transgenders will be quickly replaced with trans-humanism. Many corporations have investments in robotics and automation technologies, and want to expand their power and control. They are not going to give the spotlight to ‘Woke’ fools who want to disturb society with their parades. The military will no longer be hosting drag queen, but rather showings of new cybernetic soldiers ushered to replace them. And techno-parades will replace gay pride parades.
The plan behind the ‘Woke’ movement was to censor speech and have normal people canceled. Transgenderism was about distorting people’s perception about gender, and shifting humans to a androgynous surgical goof up. It was all about silencing speech and confusing gender, but now that technology is hijacking society, they are no longer needed. ‘Woke’ served its purpose and is now irrelevant. They will be tossed in the trash like a used tissue.

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