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Poll: 59 Per Cent of Americans Are Worried About Biden’s Mental Health. The Other 41 Per Cent Should Be Worried About Their Own

A new poll has found that 59 per cent of Americans are concerned about President Joe Biden’s mental health.

The survey was conducted by Issues & Insights/TIPP and revealed that 36 per cent of respondents say they are “very concerned” with Biden’s mental health, along with 23 per cent who say they are “somewhat concerned.”

The poll noted that worries about Biden’s cognitive functioning pre-date him becoming president.

“Even before he became president, the now-79-year-old Joe Biden faced serious and persistent questions about his mental health. Among average Americans, those questions have become a major issue.”

The Democratic establishment has increasingly abandoned Biden in recent months, with the New York Times publishing a number of articles asserting that he shouldn’t run for a second term.

As we highlighted earlier this week, Biden was involved in another embarrassing incident when he was seen struggling to put his own jacket on without the help of his wife Jill.

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson recently asserted that Joe Biden “won’t finish his term” because “his mind is too far gone.”

Jackson also revealed how he was scolded by Barack Obama for daring to publicly question Biden’s mental faculties.

“The fact is, based on these polling data, there is genuine concern among virtually all groups over Biden’s cognitive health,” said Terry Jones, editor of Issues & Insights.

“It has taken on political urgency with the looming 2022 midterm elections, which, if Republicans prevail, could well turn Biden into a lame duck.”

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