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Trump Says the FBI Raided Mar-a-Lago and Broke Into His Safe

FBI agents on Monday executed a search warrant at Donald Trump’s private residence at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. The raid was reportedly part of an investigation into whether the former president mishandled classified information after leaving the White House. Trump broke the news of the raid himself, complaining in a statement on Monday evening that the “unannounced” raid “was not necessary or appropriate,” and that the FBI agents “even broke into my safe.” The former president was in New York when the search occurred, and he did not acknowledge in his statement what the federal agents were searching for.

The New York Times reports the agents were looking for evidence related to classified documents that Trump allegedly took with him to Mar-a-Lago after leaving office. Federal law enforcement officials began a grand-jury investigation this spring into whether 15 boxes containing a variety of materials from the White House also included classified information.

Back in January, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) retrieved 15 boxes of documents and items from Mar-a-Lago which agency officials said Trump should have handed over to the Archives when he left the White House. NARA reportedly found what appeared to be classified information among the materials it retrieved and alerted the Justice Department — which eventually opened an investigation into the matter.

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