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FORTY PER CENT of Channel migrants are from ALBANIA – not a country devastated by war of famine – secret military report reveals

Forty per cent of Channel migrants are from peaceful Albania – not a war-torn nation, according to a secret military intelligence report, Mail Plus reveals.

A total of 1,075 Albanians crossed the Channel in small boats organised by people-smuggling gangs during a six-week period this summer.

Last year a total of 757 Albanians crossed the Channel last year, according to Government figures.

Albanian gangs are reportedly buying huge inflatable boats from Chinese factories and customising them by asking Chinese firms to make them bigger to squeeze more migrants onboard.

Experts believe the crossings are being fuelled by social media, with people-smugglers advertising their services on TikTok and charging up to £5,500 per person.

An Albanian police liaison officer is set to be based in Dover to help deal with the growing problem, but there is a reported shortage of Albanian translators to help.

The revelation comes on the day a man on a kayak had to be rescued by British authorities yesterday after attempting to cross the channel alone.

A further 288 people crossed the English Channel on Friday, August 5, taking the total number of migrants who reached the UK this week to 1,372.

Five small boats made the crossing during the most recent 24-hour period, government figures show.

This includes one migrant who was rescued yesterday morning after attempting to travel along by kayak.

He was picked up by British Border Force officers at around 9am, five miles from the English coast, GB News reports.

Earlier this week, a new daily record was set for 22 as 696 people made the dangerous journey on Monday, according to figures from the Ministry of Defence.

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