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Bill Gates — Monkeying Around In Nigeria Years Ago

I often play a sick rendition of Where’s Waldo? – except I am looking for Billy Boy Gates instead. While doing research into MonkeyPox Virus (MPXV), I didn’t need to go far to find the mad sweater-wearing ghoul.

On July 29th, on the heels of the World Hoax Organization (WHO) announcing monkeypox as the next “plandemic,” National Public Radio (NPR) put out a story that received little fanfare or coverage.

In 2017, Dr. Dimie Ogoina, professor of medicine and infectious diseases at Niger Delta University in Nigeria, tried to warn health officials that the monkeypox virus had changed, but somebody told him to be quiet. Who? Was it Bill Gates?

I wondered why NPR would even publish such a story, given that the mainstream media no longer cares about the truth. Moreover, NPR had accepted money from the Gates Foundation in the past. Was the article a confession to cover their behinds with the assumption that no one would connect the dots?

I also wondered exactly what meddlings Gates had in Nigeria. Sure enough, the country sold its soul to the devil.

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