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The Plain Covid Truth – Dr Vernon Coleman

Anyone who now agrees to have a covid-19 jab is insane and should be put into a straightjacket. Anyone who gives a covid-19 jab is a criminal who should be locked up for attempted murder. I’m afraid it seems as though the first round of covid jabs simply made millions even more stupid than they were when they started out.

Sadly, many of those who were jabbed last year are only now finding out the truth about the covid jab.

And tragic stories abound.

Today, I heard two awful stories which help bring the covid fraud to life.

The first was related to me by the man who delivered our groceries. He’d just been to take groceries to an 80-year-old man who was pouring blood from his nose. The bleeding was unstoppable. His eyes were badly bloodshot too. He and a neighbour rang for an emergency ambulance. They were told that they would have to wait two and a half hours for an ambulance. The neighbour took the gentleman to the hospital in her car.

The second was an elderly woman who works in a small shop which we use. She had apparently gone completely blind – quite suddenly. The local hospital is shut and she had no one to take her to the nearest hospital that is open. There is, of course, pretty well no ambulance service so she caught a bus for a three and a half hour ride. Lost in her new blindness she tripped and fell over when she got off the bus. No one stopped to help her up. When she finally got to her feet she ended up going the wrong way. You can probably imagine how long she had to wait to be seen when she finally reached the hospital. She was told that she’d had an unexplained bleed in her eye. She then had to make the bus journey in reverse.

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The Trap

Vaccines have never been safe or effective

One of the many unfortunate side effects of the attention which has been given to the covid-19 jabs is the fact that more traditional vaccinations (including the dozens routinely given to children) have been forgotten and are now largely administered without protest, controversy or a second thought.

There was always a danger that the justifiable outrage and fear engendered by the covid-19 jabs would push the wider issue of traditional vaccination into the background. The experimental and notably toxic covid-19 jabs have understandably and rightly captured the attention of those who aren’t prepared to accept the lies, the deceits and the manipulations at face value.

But it is important that we don’t forget the ever-growing hailstorm of vaccinations, aimed particularly at children, which have seemingly become an integral part of our relationship with health care in general and doctors in particular.

We all know that the establishment and the mainstream media refuse to debate the mRNA jabs.

But it is, I suspect, less widely known that there has for a long time been a blackout on any discussion of the more traditional vaccines or that the reputation of vaccines is built on a toxic mixture of myths, fallacies and plain, vanilla lies.

I’ve been writing about vaccines for over 50 years but rather to my surprise it was 2011 before I wrote a book entirely devoted to vaccines and vaccination.

I wrote the book (Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying. Here’s the proof.) partly to provide evidence proving that vaccines are often dangerous and don’t work but also to destroy the outrageous, manufactured myth that vaccination has extended life expectancy and eradicated diseases such as smallpox and whooping cough.

I’ll get back to that theme in a moment but first I think it is worth using the history of that book to illustrate the extent of the media blackout which exists to protect vaccines and vaccination.

Knowing that none of my usual publishers would touch a book about vaccines, I published it myself.

We sent out 600 review copies, hoping that one or two reviewers might be brave enough to consider the book on its merit. However, to the best of my knowledge, not one reviewed it. People I’d known for years wouldn’t discuss it. Moreover, quite a number of reviewers returned the book. It is usual practice for reviewers to sell books they don’t want to keep on their shelves. But journalists actually spent time and money returning the book!

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