Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 August 2022

The show trial of Alex Jones is not really about ‘Sandy Hook’ – it’s about destroying the alternative media by setting the precedent of using lawsuits to do so – This not only about Alex Jones, it’s about all of us, and that’s why the result was known before the ‘trial’ even began

Conservatives and legal experts are warning that the ongoing show trial against Alex Jones is meant to set the precedent to shut down any opinions or commentary that counters establishment narratives.

Revolver News founder Darrin J. Beattie, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, lawyer Mike Cernovich, Human Events editor Jack Posobiec, and others all warned that the Texas defamation trial against Jones is the first legal salvo against free speech and dissenting views.

“Regime is thirsting for a precedent in Alex Jones case so no one can question official narratives on the internet again,” Beattie tweeted Wednesday.



“Alex Jones precedent means if you don’t accept the Vegas shooting explanation, then FBI agents can sue you because you’re calling them liars by implication,” Cernovich noted. “Conservative media doesn’t seem to care. They aren’t saying a word on the due process violations in Jones case.”


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