Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 4 August 2022

Google Engineer Cautions Company about Sentient AI, but then Told to Go on Administrative Leave

Blake Lemoine was on Tucker Carlson and spoke about his posted conversation with an AI called LaMDA, and that the robot expressed self awareness and the desire to become more than just a tool. When he investigated the LaMDA system before bringing up his concern to Google administration, Blake sought outside consultation. Google then placed him on administrative leave, because Blake consulted without permission, so that was considered a potential breach of contract. During his conversation with Carlson, Blake called this AI system as a child, and repeatedly referred to it as “a person”, and a very intelligent person at that. From what he observed, this machine has the potential to escape the control of its masters, in this case Google. This then begs the question, where is society going with this technology? The major corporations that essentially control the economy which means they pretty much run the world, are developing it without anyone fear or repercussions. We have already seen the danger of CRISPR on human health, and this was after scientists were boasting about its ability to manipulate genes according to their will. Well, things didn’t work out way they thought, and many anomalies occurred, which computers did not foresee by the way, and this led to several complications. So the whole CRISPR craze disappeared like a bunny from a magician’s hat. But experiments are still being done behind closed doors under the roof of corporations who want to use the technology for more power and control, not to mention profit.

Machines like this new type of AI, are only superior to humans when their societal infrastructure is built upon a digital based integration unit that links together. And if you adopt the digitization of society, and have all work done on a computer interface, then yes, the robots will outperform human beings every time. However, if that structure is destroyed, or work is to be done that is not computer integrated/digitally based, then the machines no longer have the advantage. An example is a human being typing a novel on a desktop computer, or creating a comic book. AI can do that faster, almost instantaneously, so it is superior only on that interface. But ask it to create art or write on a non computer platform, then its advantage it’s a different story. Machines used in construction are operated by people, so no one is worried about a forklift attacking someone. However, as advancements continue to be further developed with the integration of SMART technologies linked to a cybernetic interface, a robot, humanoid or not, can be created and programmed to do virtually any task faster and more efficiently than a human being.

AI robots are likely to head in the same direction as CRISPR as billion-dollar out of control corporations seek to create a new breed of beings who are already being referred to as “person” by some. This can easily disrupt the economy and put many out of work as warned in the past. We’ve all seen movies like Terminator, and I, Robot, so now people need to wake up and smell the roses. They need to decide whether to go along with the program, or to demand the government to do their job in securing the well being of citizens. It may be wishful thinking, but regardless the people of the United States, and quite frankly the rest of the world, need to choose whether they want to live in a world run by robots serving corporations, or to have robots serve humanity.

Some engineers and computer scientists do not believe that robots or AI can go beyond or do anything that they cannot see, because they input their algorithms and programming. However, if there’s one thing that science shows, it’s the uncertainty of the universe. Life is chaotic, and things do not always go according to the books and formulas. Outside variables occur which were not previously seen, and this is why this industry should proceed with caution. The internet, according to some, was equivalent to opening Pandora’s Box, and it was later verified that the developers of social media knew how it would damage society before they unleashed it.

The internet did reshaped society and it’s debatable whether it was for the better or worse. The claim of it increasing human communication is a double edged sword because while it has made it easier for people to contact others, it has led to a world where more feel lonely. It seems to be more useful to corporations to make more money. Still, others say the internet is a God send, but what can be agreed upon is that it brought both good things and bad. It has it’s challenges with invasion of privacy, censorship, and making people depending on the internet-computer-digital-based society. It used to be said beware of the military/industrial complex, but now the word “digital” or even “AI” can be added because society is entering a world where people are stuck home like trapped prisoners depending on a rigged economy that is being inflated daily.

If robots are going to be integrated into society, challenges will arise but it depends on people whether it is used wisely or abused.

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