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Airline Fake Vaccine Mandates Cause Job Loss, Vaccine Injuries, Airport Chaos and Flight Delays

Commercial airline pilots are speaking up more than ever about vaccine injuries and the “hostile” environment that unvaccinated and vaccine-injured pilots must endure.

Australian Captain Glen Waters was employed with Virgin Australia Airlines. After 20 years of exemplary service, Virgin terminated his employment.  Why? Because he declined the Covid “vaccine.”

The biggest irony of this is that Australian aviators who did exactly what good aviators should do – think critically, assess risk and make safe decisions – were the ones whom the airlines, regulator and government punished and sacked. These aviators worked out that new risks were being introduced into flying that simply should never have been allowed, and so they resisted. Now, their assessments are being proven right as pilot vaccine injury increases.

Cpt. Waters dreamed of becoming a pilot from a young age. In high school, he flew gliders and in 1987 he began to realise his dream when he started training to become an airline pilot. He worked for Virgin Australia for 20 years, 19 of those as a captain.

On 16 September 2021 Virgin Australia announced it will require all its staff to be “vaccinated against Covid-19,” in line with domestic rival Qantas Airways and a growing number of airlines in the Asia-Pacific region. Pilots, cabin crew and airport workers were instructed they had to be fully vaccinated by 15 November.

In April 2022, on the 20th anniversary of his employment with the company, Virgin sent Cpt. Waters an email terminating his employment for “serious misconduct.” What was Cpt. Waters’ serious misconduct? He assessed the risks and made a rational, safe decision – not to be injected with a Covid “vaccine.”

The day after he was fired and still reeling from the shock of Virgin’s unjust action, Cpt. Waters spoke with Hoody, host of Hoody’s Heroes, about the circumstances leading up to his termination as well as his plans for the future.  You can watch their discussion on Rumble by clicking on the image below.

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