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6 Most Underrated Tourist Attractions of Dubai

Dubai is a popular tourist destination. Many popular tourist spots remain crowded with tourists all around the year. There are tons of places that you can explore. However, Dubai has quite a few underrated gems that are waiting to be discovered. Thee is a lot of variety in these underrated spots. You will find something which you like when you visit these pots. From sightseeing to adventure sports, this list has got you covered. We have listed down the top underrated tourist and instagrammable spots in Dubai.   

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk

Taking long walks on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is something you should try out. This is a walking path that stretches for 2 miles along the Jumeirah beach. Moreover, the place is filled with shops and restaurants that have tons of different things for you to choose from. Further having great food while watching the beautiful views of the sea is a joy in itself. The variety on display is huge. You will find designer clothes on one side and handmade jewelry on the other. This is truly a shopper’s paradise. However, shopping is not the only thing that you can do here. There is an open-air cinema. This opens only for 1 week so you have to check the timings if you want to take part in that experience. 

  • Love Lake

Love Lake is one of the most underrated tourist posts in Dubai. It is just 45 minutes from Dubai and you have a beautiful sight to behold. Love lake is a combination of two heart-shaped lakes that are intertwined and surrounded by greenery. Moreover, this might be one of the top pots for a romantic getaway. You will find this place to be less crowded and perfect for spending time with your loved ones. Further, you can go on walks to explore the different trees that surround the lake. Many of these trees are also cut in a heart shape which makes the place even better. Finally, you can even stop by and get some food from the barbeque. This place also is a spot for migratory birds. If you are lucky you might find flamingoes, swans, and more. 

  • Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House is a traditional restaurant that has different locations in Dubai. This place aims to help you go back in time and experience traditional Arabic culture. Moreover, the restaurant has historical artifacts and you can learn more about the history of the UAE. Further, you get to experience authentic Arabic cuisine. There is no better place to try out authentic goods than to come here. The beautiful and aesthetic decor is something that makes this a great place to visit. You can enjoy delicacies while learning more about Arabic culture. 

  • Souq Naif

The markets in Dubai are very famous among tourists. You can find tons of things which you can buy and take as souvenirs. Most of the tourists go to the gold market but the Souq Naif is an underrated market. It allows you to experience a traditional market from the perspective of locals. You can find a wide array of spices that are local as well as imported from other countries. Moreover, they also have Persian carpets, utensils, and much more. You also get to try out the various sweets that are in abundance in this market

  • Dubai Museum

People know Dubai for its innovations and modernity. Most people visit the city to indulge themselves in the luxury and innovations that Dubai has to offer. However, Dubai has a rich history to offer to all of its tourists. Dubai’s rich culture and heritage are something that all tourists should try to find and learn more about. The valuable history of the city can be found in the Dubai museum. The museum is located in the Al Fahidi fort. Moreover, it is a great place to gain more knowledge about the past of this beautiful city. You get to learn tons about the local culture and Bedouin life. Trust us this will be an experience that you will not forget. 

  • Emirates Cart Zone

Dubai is known for its extreme spots. Many tourists come here to experience the thrill of skydiving, paragliding, and more. However, other less-known activities can give you the same adrenaline rush. The Emirates Cart Zone is the ideal place to hang out with friends. You can race against your friends in go-carts and have a great time. It is quite cheap and they provide you with all of the safety gear which you need for the race. Moreover, if you are alone, you can set some fast-timed laps and see how you compare them against the leaderboard. If you love fast cars this will be the perfect spot for you.  


Dubai has so much more than just the popular sots. These hidden tourist destinations will give you a new perspective on Dubai. It allows you to explore the roads less taken. Trust us, visiting these spots will improve your trip. These spots are a great find and you will love what they have to offer.  

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