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Woman Feels ‘Like the Walking Dead’ After Injuries From Fake ‘Covid’ Vaccine

At age 48, Catherine “Cat” Parker had a complete and fulfilling life: two young adult children, a job as a manager of a construction company and work as a freelance photographer and photojournalist specializing in concert and music photography — a passion that allowed the Minnesotan to spend time on the road with her boyfriend, a guitar tech.

However, Parker’s life came crashing to a near-halt soon after she received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine on April 1, 2021.

“Within two weeks after receiving the first vaccine, I began to have chronic fatigue
and insomnia,” Parker told The Defender. “I went to a couple of doctors … and they just said it was menopause that was causing it.”

Parker’s symptoms worsened significantly after she received the Pfizer booster on Nov. 9, 2021. “Within 2-3 weeks after the booster, my hair began falling out and I started having severe brain fog and chronic fatigue,” Parker said.

“I started having uncontrollable tremors, shaking and spasms, migraines, brain fog … to a point where I couldn’t communicate and couldn’t walk,” she added.

The two COVID-19 vaccinations she received marked just the beginning of a long and arduous journey, during which Parker experienced a growing number of symptoms that disrupted practically every aspect of her life, including her employment and personal relationships.

And, as is common with the victims of vaccine injuries, Parker’s concerns repeatedly were dismissed by doctors and medical experts.

Her symptoms — and the dismissive attitude of much of the medical establishment — led Parker to start the Vaccine Injury/Side Effects Support Group on Facebook earlier this year.

In addition, Parker has presented her personal story on social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, and launched an online crowdfunding campaign to help support her rising medical costs.

Parker said she launched the support group because she “felt so alone going through this” and “to focus more on offering support to those that have immediate needs, whether it is emotional support, resources for food, housing, rent, financial assistance and educational/medical information related to helping them get treatment, medication.”

“My heart was breaking to watch so many people suffering just to get information and help and I could not stand by and continue watching them go through this,” she said. ‘I feel like the walking dead’ after receiving the COVID vaccines.

Parker described the adverse reactions she experienced since her two vaccinations as “all over the board with no rhyme or reason,” adding that “some come and go, but most of them are constant and plague my life every day.”

Parker’s symptoms read like a laundry list of ailments. They include:

Chronic brain fog.
Chronic cold and hot temperature intolerance.
Chronic, extreme exhaustion and fatigue, including falling asleep in chairs and in any seated position within 5-10 minutes of sitting.
Chronic falling over when trying to get dressed/walk/stand.
Chronic headaches.
Chronic nausea.
Chronic red and glazed-over eyes.
Chronic pain and swelling in the hands, arms and throughout the body.
Chronic shaking and tremors in the arms and hands.
Constantly cold hands and feet.
Depression and anxiety.
Hair loss (her first true indication that “something was wrong,” in November 2021).
Head pain, with feelings akin to that of a stroke.
Memory loss and loss of concentration.
Microtremors and tension throughout the body.
Painful and difficult urination, related to kidney issues.
Rapid heartbeat.
Rashes and streaks on the skin.
Restless leg syndrome and leg pain.
Ringing in the ears.
Skin rash.
Sleep apnea.
Difficulty breathing and swallowing when sleeping.
Twitching eyes.
Parker also tested positive for the Epstein-Barr virus, despite “never [having] had mono in my entire life,” and for antinuclear antibodies and kidney abnormalities.

In her Facebook video, Parker said she had an existing autoimmune disease, advising the public not to get a COVID-19 vaccine if they have any such condition.

She also described possible liver damage, difficulty getting up and said she needs to sleep an average of 13 hours per day.

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