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Suitable reading only for those with LOW Blood Pressure

Those with high blood pressure should probably turn away and read something else.

British civil servants are being taught that Britons are racist and that in order to deal with this they should never contradict people from ethnic minorities. A training video tells civil servants that they should stand up for ethnic minorities and be aware of what it refers to as their ‘white privilege’. (Presumably, non-white civil servants are exempt from this instruction. And presumably none of those involved knows that black students are more likely to go to university than white ones.) The truth is that if Britain is racist it is because it has been made racist (and is increasingly made more racist) by the conspirators and their woke slaves. And the people who are suffering most from racism in the UK are white. The truth (which the conspirators and their slaves will deny, of course) is that Britain has for years been one of the least racist countries in the world. However, racism is now being manufactured and promoted as a way to break down society and culture. The best way to counter the prejudice against white citizens is to stop all the deliberately manufactured accusations, absurd positive discrimination programmes, irresponsible claims about history and the needless and exaggerated whingeing which the conspirators use to stir up trouble. For example, it has been claimed that ethnic minorities (presumably, including those who originally came from Africa) are more susceptible to hot weather and so we should do more to tackle (imaginary) climate change on their behalf. This is nonsense, of course. It is fair skinned people who are more susceptible to sunshine and the people who are more susceptible to the heat are the elderly (whatever their skin colour). They are the ones who die when the weather is hot or cold. It’s nonsense like this which has made people aware that global warming is a scam.
Beavers will soon be protected animals. (It’s part of the absurd re-wilding process which is introducing bison and wild boar into the English countryside to keep picnickers jammed in their city centre apartments.) Beavers build dams across rivers. Dams across rivers cause flooding. And then the conspirators can blame the flooding on…altogether now…‘global warming’!
I confess I was heartened by the news that weather forecasters were questioned and criticised for their recent scaremongering when England had a few, warm, summery days. Weathermen in the UK (who must now be classified alongside astrologers and those people who believe that wearing a mask gives one a je ne sais quoi) seem committed to supporting the laughable global warming fraud. Absurdly, they have now predicted what the weather is going to be like in 50 years’ time. Since they don’t seem able to predict tomorrow’s weather with any accuracy this seems rather foolhardy. The weather people and the news sites all claimed that the temperature in Britain had been 40 degrees or more. No one I know seems to have yet found out just where in the country the temperature reached that level (outside an oven in the Broadcasting House kitchens). The climate nutters claimed that the warm weather was responsible for the sea level rising, the cancellation of trains and houses catching fire. It’s not surprising that hardly anyone believes anything said by the global warming nutters.
So-called experts are puzzled by the fact that only 1 in 4 GPs now work full time. They need be puzzled no more. First, it was decided, decades ago, that most doctors should be female. And, for a variety of reasons, female doctors often like to work part-time. I remember warning about this at least 40 years ago when it became clear that female GPs were only working a few days a week and didn’t want to do night calls or weekend calls. Second, GPs each earned between £50,000 and £100,000 extra last year for giving covid-19 jabs (the payment fees were absurd and astronomical). This meant that GPs had huge tax bills. Finally, the problem is getting worse because lots of GPs are retiring early because they cannot cope with the GMC’s absurdly bureaucratic revalidation scam. This is supposed to protect patients but I believe it has done infinitely more harm than good to the quality of general practice – mainly because it has forced GPs to spend most of their time filling in yet more forms.
NHS call handlers are probably going to be given access to patient records. This will be the absolute end for confidentiality. One of the NHS’s many bosses has said that his vision of the future is to train people to direct patients based on demand for services. I may have got this wrong but this presumably means that a bloke who rings up with a suspected broken leg will be directed to the cervical smear clinic if the cervical smear clinic is having a quiet day. Brilliant. Optimisation of resources I think they call it in the now defunct transport industry. ‘We don’t have any trains going to Crewe but we can offer you a very good deal on the 6.15 to Truro.’ The NHS couldn’t get much worse whatever they do to it. It is no exaggeration to say that the NHS now does far more harm than good. Other countries contemplating socialised medicine should take a peek at the NHS, shudder and forget it. I’d offer you two to one that during the last twelve months the NHS, the lockdowns, the masks and the jabs have killed more people than Putin – but you’d have to be insane to take the bet.

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