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Virtual Selling: Essential Video Sales Call Tools You Need

The development of modern technology and access to almost any information has fundamentally changed the sales algorithm. Previously, the customer came to the store either for a solution to a problem, or they didn’t know they had a problem yet. They needed the help of a sales consultant. When a customer contacts a salesperson, they not only know their problem but have already found how to solve it, read reviews, and are ready to buy and are not going to come to the store to do so. That’s why every business must adapt to the new realities and make the most of the new opportunities. Video sales call tools can help you with this. 

How Can Video Sales Call Tools Enhance Your Business?

According to a Statista survey, more than 80% of the U.S. population prefers to shop online. That should already be a determining factor for any business to switch to video sales tools. We have prepared some more pros that prove how video calling software can help you boost your sales and make your sales team more efficient. 

Maximum Resemblance to Live Communication

Negotiations over the phone or by mail are far behind live meetings and video calls. You can’t read the non-verbal signs of your interlocutor, see how they perceive information, and react emotionally. Video calls allow you to read this information and adapt your dialogue based on the other party’s reactions. 

Frequent Contact with Customers

Nothing strengthens the relationship with the customer and leads to effective and recurring sales like face-to-face meetings. However, it becomes expensive if the customer lives in another city or country. Video calls are a great opportunity for sales team members to strengthen partnerships and communicate regularly at no extra cost. 

Product Demonstration

Your product demonstration speaks louder than any words, graphs, charts, and presentation slides. Using video calls with your sales team allows you to showcase your product in real time and discuss its benefits, answering all of the customer’s questions. There is no better way to pitch! It’s a more interactive experience that can lead to a shorter sales funnel and, therefore, higher profits.

Recording Calls 

Having a video sales meeting is a great idea, but even better is recording that meeting.

You can use this recording to review what was discussed, share it with your teammates, or even use it as an educational guide for new employees. Customers can also use recordings to share with colleagues who couldn’t attend the meeting or review your answers to their questions or objections.

It is also a great chance to review your sales team’s efficiency and alter the pitch and sales script if necessary. 

Integration with Other Services

The sales team uses a lot of applications for work – a calendar, appointment scheduler, CRM system, cloud storage, task manager, etc. Modern video sales call tools have integrations with many popular office and business software, allowing you to create and work in one single sales ecosystem. 

Reduce Costs and Increase Sales 

Using video call tools for sales can reduce the cost of getting a deal. With the traditional method, the sales manager would offer a customer a meeting. So, the cost of getting a contract would include not only the staff but also the expenses for the business trip, accommodation, and food. What’s more, the business trip could take several days, while a video call would cost you at most a subscription to a video call app and a couple of hours. This way, your sales team can close more deals without wasting money and time on useless travel. 

Essential Video Tools for Sales 

Each company has its own preferences for the tool it has to work with. It could be the innovative sales video conferencing platform Whoosh or the iconic Zoom, which broke all records during the pandemic. We invite you to consider the most popular and reliable options. 


It is a well-regarded and popular video conferencing service that can transcribe your meeting. It has a free version with a video link to connect three participants, sharing files and showing your desktop at the same time. The basic plan will already allow you to connect ten people, and the maximum plan is 100. There is even a function to work on documents together.


This pioneering startup has already captured the hearts of thousands of sales managers. Whoosh makes video calls as close to live meetings as possible — 3D backgrounds, gesture recognition, touch-up features. And the ability to turn any space into a meeting room with a whiteboard and weatherman layout allows you to talk about the value of your product from anywhere in the world. No need to mention the sound, video, and security quality — everything is top-notch. As the platform is AI-based, its smart assistant will be a nice bonus for every sales manager. 


Zoom is one of the trendiest video chat programs designed for small and medium-sized businesses. You can use the software to start a one-on-one video chat or a group call which you can visit via a direct link. Up to 100 guests are allowed to join and talk for up to 40 minutes without paying. Features include the creation of “waiting rooms”, swapping backgrounds, and gesture recognition, which allows you to control the dialogue without interrupting the interlocutor. 

Google Meet

The Google Meet online service initially worked as a paid tool for business conferences, but now it’s free for any type of video chat. The website is great for emergency meetings, as you can create a conference room in just a couple of clicks, even in the Gmail app. It takes a couple of seconds to join — just enter the link and sign in through your Google account. It’s a great solution for sales teams! 

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