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New Data From the Netherlands Reveals Link Between Higher Fake Vaccine Uptake and Higher Mortality

During the past few months, indications of a positive correlation between all-cause mortality and Covid vaccines has been growing. To demonstrate the existence of this correlation it is however crucial to be able to compare the rate of mortality and the vaccine uptake within a relatively homogenic population.

This is what Dutch researcher André Redetti has now done. He compares mortality rate and vaccine uptake between municipalities in the Netherlands and finds no mortality-reducing effect from vaccination.

Instead he finds a statistically significant positive correlation between vaccine uptake and mortality.

The period in question is week 35-52, 2021. As the graph shows there is a strong correlation, i.e., a higher vaccine uptake in a municipality is correlated with a higher death rate. The full analysis is not yet peer reviewed, but it is available on Researchgate.

Those results fit with the worrying excess-mortality figures we now see in many countries. The elephant in the room is likely to be the surge in the rate of serious adverse effects from the COVID-19 vaccines, compared with other vaccines. An additional reason may be the sometimes negative effect of vaccination on covid-specific mortality, for example in the U.K.

Those results are truly worrying. And what is perhaps even more worrying is the general censorship when it comes to publishing or discussing them. The mainstream media avoids the discussion and the management of social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have even established rules against mentioning any negative facts regarding the vaccines. One can only wonder what such censorship may mean to those business leaders if and when the mass-hysteria blows over and those responsible for suppressing vital information and touting dangerous misinformation are held to account for their deeds.

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