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IT’S ALL A LIE – Where is the ‘Straight-Sex’ Monkeypox Outbreak?

Why is it that mainly gay men disproportionately appear in the data on monkeypox?

Why is it that scientists fail to query this type of biased data, especially after the last two years of blatant lies and untruths from all our governments and in the United Kingdom (UK) the National Health Service (NHS) and its UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)?

The levels of heterosexual ‘partner change’ and sexual repertoires (including heterosexual anal sex) on a nighttime in any major city should easily facilitate a so-called heterosexual ‘monkeypox epidemic’ if it is correct that the so-called ‘monkeypox virus’: i) exists; ii) transmits sexually; and iii) causes disease.

The recent WHO statement by Drs Tedros/Lewis announcing yet another global panic, this time for ‘monkeypox’, was laughably unscientific. It suggested that once covid travel restrictions were lifted, and greater numbers of people started to move around the world, a ‘monkeypox virus’ transitioned through ‘families’ (apparently without ‘infection’) and made a B line straight for gay men. The fact is that this fairy story from the WHO is just that.

The UKHSA are ‘case finding’ in a very biased manner amongst a captive market of ‘sexual health’ clinic attenders; many of whom are diagnosed HIV+ and are prescribed toxic antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). The ARVs are monitored with 6-monthly ‘viral load’ (PCR) tests. Another PCR is now thrown into the fray for so-called ‘monkeypox’ especially if ‘skin lesions’ / ‘cold symptoms’ exist. ‘Case finding’ means that the UKHSA is biased in the way that it intensively tests different patient populations and ignores others. For example, it is easy to PCR test HIV patients as they attend clinic regularly and are used to testing, especially the PCR (viral load) tests. The UKHSA is therefore constructing an epidemic by biasing their testing towards patient populations that they find easy to access and control, and within which there exists disproportionate numbers of gay men like those diagnosed HIV+. This explains the biased demographic and lack of ‘straight-sex’ monkeypox.

Many scientists seem to take this biased UKHSA data grab at face value because they do not know the literature on how this was similarly falsified previously in the so-called AIDS ‘epidemic’. For example, the way this was deceptively done by the CDC was described in great detail by Michelle Cochrane in her excellent 2003 book ‘When AIDS Began’ (Routledge). Cochrane proved, using hard data and granular case examples, exactly how the CDC created the false notion of there existing a rampant ‘epidemic’ amongst groups of ‘gay men’ by focusing on patients’ sexual orientations to the exclusion of their other demographic risk characteristics, such as recreational/intravenous drug use, over use of prescription medications, homelessness, malnutrition etc.

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