Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 July 2022

The Person Most Likely to Kill You is Your Doctor

Watching the medical establishment lie, deceive and exhibit Olympian quality incompetence has been quite a shock for many during the last two years. Doctors have helped sustain the biggest medical fraud in history; smiling away as they jabbed and pocketed the cash.

But no one should have been shocked.

Members of the medical establishment, and their praetorian guard, the experts, always believe they know best. Anyone who questions the establishment must be ignored and, if they persist they must be crushed, suppressed, vilified and ostracised.

However, it isn’t difficult to compile a litany of medical incompetence – incompetence so egregious that, along with cancer and circulatory disease, doctors have for decades been one of the three most important causes of death and injury.

Many of the injuries and deaths among patients are caused by simple, straightforward ignorance rather than bad luck or unforeseen complications. The recent enthusiasm for giving millions of patients an untested experimental drug that didn’t work and wasn’t safe is just one more example of professional ineptitude.

If terrorists killed a fraction of the number killed by doctors the world would be in a state of constant panic. The person most likely to kill you isn’t a burglar or an aggrieved relative – it’s your doctor.

Doctors often claim that it is thanks to them that we are all living longer these days and that drug companies and doctors have improved our general health. But evidence shows that there really hasn’t been much change in life expectation for centuries. Way back in biblical times, ordinary folk were encouraged to expect a life-span of three score and ten.

It was cleaner drinking water, and better sewage facilities (introduced in the 19th century) which resulted in a fall in infant mortality levels – and reducing infant mortality made a tremendous difference to overall life expectancy figures.

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