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Dutch Farmers Have Stepped Up Their Game, They’re Taking Their Protests to Another Level

On Wednesday, Dutch farmers sent a clear message to their government. They will not acquiesce. They will not give up their land. The farmers are protesting because the Netherlands government wants to impose new climate goals of reducing nitrogen output by 2030, which will force farmers out of business.

“We the Dutch Farmers are fighting for our future, and yours as well: without farmers, there is no food,” their FundFreely page notes.

Speaking to Newsmax earlier this week, former Principal Deputy Assistant at the US Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Mandy Gunasekara said: “[The Dutch government] have sold out to a very extreme environmental agenda that pushes really bad outcomes. The reality is that what the Netherlands is doing this is a recipe for famine.”

Dutch farmers stepped up their protests on Wednesday by dumping manure and garbage on highways and setting fires alongside roads. The latest demonstrations came a day after a government-appointed mediator sent invitations to farmers’ organisations to discuss with the country’s ruling coalition ways of reducing nitrogen emissions.

A couple of weeks ago, Dutch political commentator and legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek told Breitbart that her homeland is being used as a “pilot” for the Great Reset agenda. On Tuesday, Vlaardingerbroek discussed the Dutch farmer protest on GB News. “Even more so than health, controlling the food supply is probably the best way you can control people,” she said.

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