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Orwellian Gates/Soros-Funded Think Tank Is Targeting and Monitoring Irish Citizens Who Speak Out for Freedom

The West’s Awake wrote an eye-opening article detailing the near granular online surveillance of Irish citizens who dare to challenge the official narrative.  The monitoring and surveillance, including keeping a record of individual tweets and Telegram posts, is being conducted by the London-based think tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) which targets individuals who speak against their chosen narrative.

ISD is also keeping tabs on the disagreements and feuds within the freedom movement. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out … that globalists are probably dedicating resources to infiltrate online and offline groups with a view to destroying their credibility,” wrote The West’s Awake.

Two of the significant financial backers of ISD are The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Soros-funded Open Society.

The following text has been extracted from a longer article titled ‘Irish anti-lockdown activists targeted by Soros and Gates-funded report’ by The West’s Awake.  You can support The West’s Awake by subscribing to their Substack HERE.

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is a London-based think tank allegedly founded to initiate discussions to help improve police responses to extremism. It is a non-Irish entity.

Now, in more recent times this think-tank has taken on the self-appointed role of guardians against disinformation. Curiously, in 2021, the good people of ISD Global developed a sudden fascination with all things Irish and at the end of the year produced a report. It goes without saying that this is yet another, progressively left-leaning, and heftily funded non-governmental body claiming responsibility for defining the “Truth” of the world around us.

The corona age has ushered in an era of a new concept though. Single arbiters of truth. Worryingly, these single arbiters of truth and facts have a pretty terrible track record in their supposed area of expertise. For example, early in the pandemic, the Prime Minister of New Zealand revealed the following to a group of reporters. With a straight face.

“We will still continue to be your single source of Truth….unless you hear it from us it is not the truth”

Politicians all across the globe were allowed to get comfortable with this type of rhetoric unchallenged. If any western politician uttered these words, on any subject, to a group of reporters even as little as five years ago – belly laughter would’ve ensued. Instead, today, journalists are lapping it up without as much as a raised eyebrow.

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