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New York Democrat Eric Adams: Get ‘On Board’ with Illegal Immigration ‘Influx’ in Schools, Hospitals, Neighborhoods

New York City, New York, Mayor Eric Adams (D) says New Yorkers must be “on board” with having their schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods burdened by an “influx” of illegal immigration to the region as a result of President Joe Biden’s policies.

During a press conference this week, Adams warned the city’s nearly 8.4 million residents — who remain some of the most tax-burdened people in the United States — to be prepared to have their schools, hospitals, roads, and neighborhoods inundated with border crossers and illegal aliens who are arriving by the tens of thousands every month.

“Number one, this is an opportunity for New Yorkers to move away from ‘Not In My Backyard.’ We all must share the crisis,” Adams said. “Our approach has been to divide up the homeless issue even prior to the asylum seekers by councilmanic districts.”

“Now with this influx of people seeking asylum and support, now we have to go beyond that,” Adams continued. “We’re looking at the potential for emergency shelters in hotels and other facilities … if there was ever an all-hands-on-deck moment, this is it … our system was inundated with those who were seeking shelter because of the callousness of those other states that were pushing them out.”

New York Democrat Eric Adams: Get ‘On Board’ with Illegal Immigration ‘Influx’

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