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Government Documents Shatter ‘Insurrection’ Narrative; Why Did Pelosi, Bowser, and Capitol Police Decline National Guard Days Before January 6?

In the days leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, President Donald Trump authorized up to 20,000 National Guard, but official government documents show Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Washington mayor Muriel Bowser, and the D.C. Capitol Police each declined the offer.

“The fact that President Trump authorized security for the Capitol and he ordered the transition of government—he could legally and factually not have been orchestrating a coup to conduct an insurrection,” says Kash Patel.

Why hasn’t the FBI turned over all documentation related to January 6? Were there undercover government agents in the crowd that day? And why was Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland, who died that day, repeatedly beaten by a Capitol Police officer even while she was unconscious?

DC Mayor Bowser’s Letter Refusing National Guard on January 6

Department of Defense Timeline

IG Report

Capitol Police Timeline

Christopher Miller’s Memorandum for the Secretary of the Army 

Watch the Epoch Times’ exclusive documentary: “The Real Story of January 6” 

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