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Useless Self-Publicist Sadiq Khan Hails Emissions Expansion Scheme as ‘Incredible’ Success Even Though His Own Data Reveals it Made Little Difference

Sadiq Khan has boasted about the “incredible difference” made by the expansion of London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) last October, in spite of the fact that data from Transport for London shows it made almost no impact on emissions in the capital. MailOnline has more.

The expansion of the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone last October has failed to dramatically accelerate a reduction in harmful emissions in the capital, an official report from Transport for London has shown.

It shows that extending the zone from the most central part of the capital all the way to the North and South Circular roads last year has not had an impact on nitrogen dioxide or particulate matter emissions across London, when comparing data for the second quarter of this year and the same period in 2021.

Despite the revelation, Mayor Sadiq Khan said the expansion of the ULEZ had made an “incredible difference” in the capital as he continues to press ahead with plans for a further extension next year.

He cited its success on Transport for London figures claiming that around 124,000 driven within the North and South Circular roads before October were not compliant with ULEZ but by the end of June this year that average had fallen to 67,000.

London’s ULEZ was extended on 25 October to 18 times its original size.

The boundary for the zone grew from the same coverage area of central London (the smaller section outlined in red in the image about) where the Congestion Charge Zone is enforced to – though not including – the North and South Circular roads – referred to as inner London (the larger red boundary on the map above).

The move created a far larger catchment area where many ordinary households live compared to the centre’s more limited and highly-expensive residential zones, as part of Mr Khan’s efforts to reduce air pollution levels in the capital.

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