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Oxyhelp Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

HBOT is a process in which the users, within an enclosed chamber, breathe in pure oxygen (95%, 100% oxygen may cause ROS production and oxidative stress) at a higher pressure (2 ATA) than atmospheric pressure. Doctors typically prescribe this therapy for several medical conditions including burns, brain abscesses, carbon monoxide poisoning, gas or air embolism, excessive blood loss (anemia), and many others. The goal of HBOT is to flood the cells and tissues of body with plenty of oxygen, allowing them to revive and heal naturally. In terms of their use, there are two types of chambers used for HBOT. 

  1. Hard shell hyperbaric chambers: These are designed to withstand much higher oxygen pressure that is required for some serious medical conditions, and they must be operated by yourself or  under the supervision of a clinician or physician. 
  2. Soft shell hyperbaric chambers: These are mild and safe to use in homes, spas, fitness centers, and other places without technical support.


The hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers can be classified into two types based on isolated or combined therapy.


  1. Monoplace hyperbaric chambers: can only accommodate one person at a time.
  2. Multiplace hyperbaric chambers: can facilitate more than one user at the same time. 

HBOT as a non-medical therapy 

The traces of HBOT usage can be found in 1800’s, when it was used to treat various medical illnesses. It was employed to treat decompression sickness in 1937. Within short period of time after that, many studies have shown that HBOT can benefit mankind beyond medical perspective, improve human life, and most importantly, prevent ailments such as anaerobic infections, lethargy, lack of energy, blurred vision, reduce inflammation, and aging. All of these applications were proposed after careful investigation of human physiology midst of the advent of imaging technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT). Certain arguments support the hypothesis that HBOT not only improves the quality of our life but also promotes healthy aging. 

  • Normal breathing

HBOT is analogous to natural breathing. It is nothing more than a quick supply of pure oxygen to body tissues that can rejuvenate the body.


  • Promotes natural healing

The oxygen supply inside the close compartment ensures that the blood receives an excessive amount of oxygen, which is then transferred to the blood cells, plasma, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), tissue fluid, and ultimately, body cells. This abundant supply of oxygen allows body tissues to heal naturally and alleviates stress caused by oxygen deficiency. 


  • Non-invasive solution for common health issues

Malnutrition, an unhealthy diet, and sedentary life style have all contributed to the problems that most people face today. These include headache, lethargy, muscle ache, stress, and many other symptoms. HBOT is a non-medical, non-invasive protocol that relieves stress, improves brain performance, energizes the body by oxygenation, reduces lactic acid deposition in the muscles, boosts stamina, and promotes healthy aging. The advantages of HBOT allowing users to combat everyday issues, may include:

  • Better cardiac function
  • Improved muscular system 
  • Optimized microcirculation
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Speedy recovery after sports or strenuous workout


  • Healing of sports injury 

HBOT has emerged as one of the most promising therapies for improving the fitness of athletes and healing sports injuries. The bodies of athletes, particularly their muscles, are constantly under oxygen stress, and oxygen therapy helps their injuries to heal faster than ever before. HBOT has been found to be promising for minor injuries including sprains, cuts, strains, contusions, and muscle fatigue. It also accelerates the recovery from cartilage damage, traumatic brain injury, deep wounds, and fractures. 


  • Beauty and relaxation 

Importance of HBOT for aesthetic purposes cannot be overstated. High concentration of pressurized oxygen improves the oxygen level in the cells, which has a rejuvenating effect. Oxygenated blood flow to the tissues repairs the damaged skin cells, reduces the wrinkles or other aging spots, elevates collagen synthesis, strengthens skin tissue, and promotes regeneration. All of these effects are visible on the user’s skin after each therapy, and following a few sessions, one can notice the transformation of dull skin to a radiant skin. 


  • Healthy aging  

Hypoxia is the basic reason for almost all degenerative diseases associated with old age. It is best explained as the reduced oxygen concentration at cellular level. HBOT not only promotes the healthy aging, but it can also improve the immune responses. Overall, increased immunity leads to improved health because the user is less vulnerable to infections. It also helps to boost the brain performance and solves the concentration and memory problems in elderly.


  • Chronic health issues

HBOT therapy is an effective remedy for people suffering from chronic health issues like musculoskeletal pain, gangrene, chronic diabetic wounds healing, and so on. 

Features to look for when choosing a hyperbaric chamber for HBOT

When it comes to handling personnel without the assistance of a medical professional, there are certain preferable characteristics that users should consider before choosing product for HBOT. Some of these features are as follows:

  • High quality
  • Low operating cost
  • Simple to use 
  • Product certification
  • User friendliness
  • Automatic processing

Oxyhelp hyperbaric oxygen chambers 

Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers are exclusively manufactured in Europe using premium quality products acquired from well-known companies, for instance an oxygen concentrator from AirSep Corporation, in the USA, automatic pneumatic control form SMC in Japan, resin fiber mattress and pillow form Toyobo in Japan, and other elements from premium suppliers in Spain and Germany. The company aims at providing the users with high quality, easy to operate chambers that are safe for use at home. These chambers are easy to use at home, fitness centers, and other non-medical settings due to their innovative design, which includes a digital control system, efficient ventilation, safety, and quality engineering. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers include: 

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Best results 
  • Safe for people of all ages
  • Possesses all necessary certifications
  • Pressure sealed door without hinges
  • Antibacterial interior 
  • Anti-friction bearings for smooth door movement
  • High quality pillow and mattress to control humidity caused by body moisture released during therapy
  • Automatic control: the micro processing system balances pumping speed and air inlet. Moreover, it provides users with the set pressure and automatically turns off after one minute of malfunction. Manual control, on the other hand can be risky because mishandling may cause earache. 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Two way communication through mirror commands both inside and outside of the chamber 
  • Wi-Fi access to share the therapy information with another device 


Risk associated with HBOT

HBOT therapy using Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers has proved to be effective and safe, nevertheless the users should medical advice if they are suffering from any chronic health issue. In some cases, it may cause oxygen toxicity, earache, joint pain, and seizures.


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