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Germans Taking Fewer Showers in Response to Cost of Living Crisis

Germans are taking fewer showers in response to energy shortages and the cost of living crisis, it has been revealed.

A poll conducted by INSA on behalf of Bild newspaper finds that almost two thirds of Germans are now taking shorter showers in response to numerous government appeals to do so.

62% of respondents to the poll said they had reduced their shower time and are showing less frequently compared to just a few weeks ago, while 35% say they haven’t changed their cleaning routine.

Unsurprisingly, those in the lowest income group said they had changed their behavior more significantly than any other group.

Almost half of respondents (45%) also said they were making preparations for a difficult winter, such as buying an emergency power generator.

As we previously highlighted, Germans are being told they will have to accept a reduction in their living standards to accommodate support for ‘the current thing’.

Many have responded by panic buying stoves and firewood, leading to exhausted supplies across the country.

Earlier this month, Hamburg’s environment minister warned Germans that hot water could be rationed and limits on maximum room temperatures introduced as a result of the energy crisis.

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