Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 July 2022

The Global Temperature Record Says We’re in a “Climate Emergency”, It’s a Con

Official Government Data Shows an alarming rapid rise in temperature over 140 years. NASA offers a graph of global temperature for each year from 1880 to the present which shows that we are in a runaway warming trend that constitutes a “climate emergency.”  It’s a statistical sleight of hand. The widely cited NASA global temperature graph is highly magnified and visually misleading. But that hasn’t stopped corporate media from using NASA’s data to inform their readers of a “climate emergency.”

In an article, EverythingClimate (“EC”) demonstrated how, by manipulating how data appears on a chart, a “climate emergency” is manufactured.  Although it’s not clear when the article was published, EC uses the example of a Guardian article from January 2020 which may indicate it was written in the same year.

Irrespective of the date it was written or published, EC’s article is as relevant then as it is today, especially in the context of “record” temperatures over the first couple of days this week in the UK.  And at the very least, what this article proves is we should question everything corporate media is promoting.  Corporate media have long lost their purpose of being sources of unbiased journalism and providing the public with the facts they need to know.

EC is a website covering both sides of the climate debate. It is devoted to cataloguing, evaluating and publishing information concerning scientific theories of global warming.

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