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BBC’s ‘Vaccine Is Safe’ For Pregnant Women ‘Expert’ Just Happens to Also Be Principal Investigator of Pfizer’s ‘Covid’ Injection in Pregnancy Trial

Professor Norman Fenton has been reporting on the bias of the BBC documentary ‘Unvaccinated’ which is being screened today, 20 July.  It’s an attempt to convince those who have chosen not to have a Covid injection to “get jabbed.”  It is a timely, eye-opening investigation commissioned by BBC Factual, the BBC claims without explaining why it is “timely” – presumably, they are hoping we believe, due most likely to the fraudulent use of PCR tests, “Covid-19 is on the rise again.”

A search on both the internet and BBC’s website for “BBC Factual” returned no results which makes one wonder who actually commissioned BBC’s “investigation.”  If any of our readers have any information about “BBC Factual” we would be grateful you noting it in the comments section under this article.

In this documentary, Prof. Fenton wrote, “mathematician Prof Hannah Fry – with the help of ‘experts’ –  attempts to convince 7 members of the public (who have so far refused) to take the Covid vaccine. As I pointed out the BBC (in the publicity for the programme) already signposted the likely extreme bias in the programme by massive underestimating the number of unvaccinated people in the UK, hence trying to present such people as a tiny extreme fringe.”

Another so-called “expert” BBC used to help convince the unvaccinated – those who follow good science and are part of almost 30% of the UK population who have chosen to remain unvaccinated – is Asma Khalil.

The more we dig the worse it gets, Prof. Fenton wrote in a tweet. Here’s Asma Khalil, the “expert” they used to declare the “vaccine” safe for pregnant women:

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