Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 21 July 2022

World Economic Forum: Save the Planet, Starve the People

Founded in the early ‘70s by German economist and social engineer Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum has emerged as the head of the snake of the liberal world order, now consisting of 1,000 powerhouse member companies and global elites that meet annually in Davos, Switzerland to discuss their dystopian plans for “global redesign.”

Listing the WEF’s partner organizations and political allies would take hours. So here is a quick summary. Nearly every left-wing political leader, highly influential corporation, company, and institution is a part of the WEF.

The WEF continually shares creepy and dystopian messaging which promote a “one size fits all” future if we all just conform to their globalist ideals. There’s just one problem. The future they are promoting is a vision of hell. The fact is they hate ordinary people and they want us to go away.

How else to explain the human misery they are promoting in the name of saving the earth? Make no mistake, Klaus Schwab and the elites will not be happy until we are all eating insects and bugs.

Not convinced you want to chow down on some insects and bugs yet? Well, don’t worry, the World Economic Forum hasn’t finished convincing you yet. Last week they enlisted Hollywood A-lister Nicole Kidman to push their favourite cause.


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