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Second Hand Cars For Sale Metro Manila – What You Should Expect!

Hunting for second hand cars for sale Metro  Manila will be easier with our detailed guide below. Here is what you must know before getting one!

Buying a car is a critical decision for anyone, we all know that. Now that you have settled to buy a secondhand car in the Philippines, what are there to notice, and what are the available options?

We will help you with the list of second hand cars for sale Metro  Manila. After figuring out what your favorite old vehicle is, feel free to buy it with our guide below!

Second Hand Cars For Sale Metro  Manila

There are various second hand cars you can find for sale in Metro  Manila. They are listed and sorted by brand, all of which can be found in Philkotse – the most reputable site for getting a used car in the Philippines!

  • Toyota Avanza
  • Toyota Wigo
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Chevrolet SPIN LTZ
  • Subaru WRX 
  • Mitsubishi FB L300
  • Ford EcoSport
  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Focus
  • Kia Rio
  • Hyundai Santa FE
  • Hyundai Grand i10
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda CRV
  • Honda City
  • Suzuki Ertiga

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your First Car

Not Knowing What You Need

Since there are a lot of choices when it comes to buying the first car of your life, you may be confused, hence end up making the wrong choice for such an important asset. 

Before heading to any car dealer, you need to know what you need. Otherwise, you can buy an asset that is not your intention in the first place. If there is no specific need beforehand, it will be difficult and inconvenient for you.

Learn your needs: how many seats you want the car to have, what features are essential for you, how frequently you will use the car, etc. 

How many seaters would you require? What features are important for you? Where and how often will you use the car? Answering these questions will help you narrow down the option.

Not Setting the Right Budget

When buying a secondhand car, you must have a budget beforehand. However, one misconception that second hand-car buyers have is that their budget will cover all fees regarding the car while it should cover the face value only. 

More fees need to be taken care of, such as registration, toll, and ownership transfer. It will depend on the dealers if they include all prices in the package or just the face value price. 

It’s important to ask the seller what the final price is to see if it suits your budget. 

Believing Everything the Seller Says

We are not trying to accuse sellers as liars, but to help you become a smart buyer, a little tip is not to believe everything that seller tells you.

Since sellers can do all it takes to get you to buy the deal in the end, some of their words might be too exaggerated or contain white lies to persuade you into buying the deal. If the car is seriously good, then it shall be fine.

On the other hand, if the car is bad, not like advertised, you are certainly trapped into making a bad deal.

Test Driving Without an Expert

The buying secondhand car result will turn phenomenal if you have an expert test the car first. One of the easiest ways to test whether the car is worth the price or not is test driving. 

However, for a beginner in terms of a car, you may not know how exactly it is good, and that’s where an expert comes in handy. 

Getting someone with major experience with vehicles can help you identify problems with this car, what needs to be fixed, or what needs to be considered in the future. 

Or else, the seller can trick you into thinking their vehicle is fine without any problem.

Where To Get Second Hand Cars For Sale Metro  Manila?

There are reputable second hand cars for sale in Metro  Manila, but the place we would recommend you choose is Philkotse. This car-selling site has many years of experience selling new and old cars, so you can trust this site and its vehicles.

At Philkotse, purchasing a car is no big deal as the paperwork is easy, and the staff is supportive to help you get the right car. 

Suppose you need to find out what cars are available. Visit the Philkotse website: right now for a better look. You will find your favorite vehicle in this place!


And that’s everything we can tell you on Second Hand Cars For Sale Metro  Manila. After reading this article, we hope you can get the best second hand car thanks to the tips above. 

Thank you for reading this article, and we will see you soon in the next one! Happy driving!

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