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Dutch Farmers Rebel: UN’s 2030 Agenda Is Behind Draconian AG Shutdown

State control over food production and distribution facilitates deep control over people, Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek said while discussing the Dutch farmers’ protests in an interview aired on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow.

Dutch farmers are protesting the government’s attempts to restrict their operations as part of its “climate change” agenda.

Vlaardingerbroek explained the Dutch government’s pretexts for restricting Dutch farmers’ animal husbandry.

“Our government is following a climate agenda — the 2030 Agenda, more broadly speaking — and they’re saying that the Netherlands has nitrogen and ammonia emissions that are too high, threatening the climate [and] local nature, and that they need to be cut down.”

She continued, “For some reason, they’re not coming after the airlines. They’re not coming after any other industry that actually is a contributor in these emissions, apart from the Dutch farmers.”

The Dutch government says 30 percent of the country’s livestock will need to be eliminated to curb “nitrogen pollution” in accordance with its ostensibly environmental goals.

Vlaardingerbroek noted that the Dutch government intends to seize lands from farmers as part of its “climate change” policy.

She remarked, “We have mass migration [and] have open borders. We have so many immigrants coming to our country, and the government has no place to house them.”

“There are actual state documents that have surfaced in which it is black on white written that … they’re going to actually use the expropriated land for building refugee crisis center,” she added.

Vlaardingerbroek observed the commonalities between Western governments’ “climate change” edicts and decrees ostensibly issued to reduce COVID-19 transmission: expanding state power with commensurate violations of individual rights.

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