Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 20 July 2022

Teacher wearing shorts sends two boys home on heatwave day for wearing shorts. Obviously the teaching profession no longer needs a brain to qualify

Two mums were left fuming when their sons were turned away from school for wearing PE kits on the third hottest day the UK has ever seen.

Friends Ryley Dingle and Blake Ben-Ayed, both 12, were sent to Blythe Bridge High School in their sportswear, which carries the school badge, in 35°C weather on Monday.

But the year seven pupils claim a teacher sent them home and said to come back with trousers on – despite ‘wearing shorts himself’.

The school is since said to have apologised for the incident, although no official comment has been made.

Ryley’s mum Natasha Moss, 38, says she refuses to send her child into lessons wearing ‘thick black clothing’ amid dangerously hot conditions.

She got the idea for him to wear shorts after speaking to other mothers who said their children’s schools were allowing PE kits.

‘The school rang me to say they’d sent Ryley home and told me he could go back in once he’d changed into his shirt and trousers but that he didn’t need to wear a tie or a blazer’, she said.

‘But I told them he wouldn’t be going back in, I refuse to send him into school with thick black trousers on when it’s nearly 40°C outside.

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