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Green Party Erases White People From ‘Future of Germany’ Promos

The Green Party in Germany has launched a PR campaign celebrating its vision for the future of the country, although one thing seems strangely absent – white people.

Three posters have been released as part of the campaign depicting what kind of future Germans can expect if the party gains enough power to realize its political agenda.

One of the posters shows a black lesbian couple tagged with the words, “A homeland for everyone except Nazis.”

Another image shows a brown woman, likely of Middle Eastern descent, along with the words, “Working for a future.”

A third image depicts a black child likely of African origin with the words, “Schools that can do future and history.”

Observers noted that white people, who make up 87 per cent of Germany’s population, don’t appear to be integral to the future of the country, according to the Green Party.

The Green Party in Germany is by no means an obscure entity, it’s a major force in German politics.

It currently holds 118 of the 736 seats in the Bundestag after winning 14.8% of votes cast in the 2021 federal election and is now has the third largest of six parliamentary groups.

As we previously highlighted, 300 delegates of the Green Party loathe their own country to such a degree, they petitioned for the word ‘Germany’ to be removed from their own manifesto.

Germany’s new ‘anti-discrimination’ commissioner recently came under scrutiny because she previously used derogatory language in referring to ethnic Germans as “potatoes.”

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