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Germany: Birth Rates Drop Dramatically in 2022 – Is it Caused by ‘Covid’ Injections? Is an igloo cold?

The reduced birth rate during January to March 2022 in Germany compared to the previous seven years is 6.6 sigma – a 1 in 12.5 billion chance. Something dramatic had to have happened to stop conception from occurring during March to June 2021.

It’s not only Germany that’s seeing a reduction in birth rates: Taiwan, the UK, Hungary, Sweden and US are also recording reduced birth rates – and British corporate media is “celebrating.”

The common usage of the term “sigma” in statistics stems from the use of the lower-case Greek letter “σ” to denote volatility.  A standard deviation (“SD”) calculation is usually used to compute volatility, so sigma and one standard deviation have become interchangeable. A standard deviation is an always positive measure of how much variation there is in a data set. If the data doesn’t move around much (e.g., the daily high temperature in Hawaii) the standard deviation will be low.  If the data moves around a lot, then the standard deviation will be higher.

A 6-sigma event assumes a 0.000000197% probability of occurrence. In other words, once every 1.38 million years. However, warns, that a six-sigma event isn’t that rare.  It is only that rare if the probability distribution is normal.

We have previously published numerous articles on the effects of Covid injections on fertility, which can be found HERE and HERE. However, as we are not statisticians or mathematicians, we are unable to argue for or against the probability or rarity of the decline in birth rates.  But the correlation to the roll-out of the Covid injection is significant.

It is happening and it keeps happening, and the media can try and suppress it as much as they want. This is a “thing”.

The German birth data has just been released and updated to April 2022 and continues to show an 11% drop from the average for the last 7 years and a 13% drop from 2021.

The drop from the previous 7 years is 6.6 sigma. It’s a never event.

A bunch of authors including JikkyleaksIgor Chudov and Josh Guetzgow raised the flags on the sudden drop in birth rates only to be censored or “fact-checked.”

Well, fact-check this. A 6.6 sigma event is a 1 in 12.5 billion chance.

But sure, there’s nothing to see here. Move along.

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