Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 July 2022

Another Glorious Day for the Climate Alarmists to Scare Us All to Death

Already the official forecasts of temperatures reaching over 40°C have started to drop. The forecasts are the work of super computers and climate models, and their work is done. Population scared and headlines of imminent climate Thermageddon written. But let us now return to Planet Reality. The temperature might top 40°C somewhere this Monday or Tuesday. No doubt some thermometer blasted by jet exhaust, or conveniently sited in an urban setting with lots of reflecting glass and stone, can be found to produce the magic number. But, as ever, the response is – so what? A hot day is a product of meteorological events. There is not one paper in the science world that has conclusively linked single weather events to long-term climate change.

Climate change is like capitalism. It is the aggregation of countless events and transactions. You can pick one single capital transaction and argue capitalism is doomed or evil. You can pick one heatwave and argue, as London mayor Sadiq Khan did, that it is a “very serious consequence of climate change”. But you don’t have science on your side – it is mere personal political opinion.

Any serious scientific discussion of climate change has to focus on long-term trends. The last significant heatwave scare in the U.K. was in July 2019, when an alleged record of 38.7°C was claimed in the middle of the City of Cambridge. The record is constantly publicised, although some doubts remain about its validity. Less well reported is the fact that the 9.17°C average temperature in the 2010 decade in the U.K. was colder than the previous 10 years at 9.31°C. And as we have seen in numerous articles in the Daily Sceptic, this is just one indication that global warming has been running out of steam for over 20 years.

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