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‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine News: Infertility, Harms, More Doses Being Pushed and Injustice Towards Vaccine-Injured

Covid injections damage fertility, the Biden Administration extends the Covid health emergency, Britons are invited for further doses of the experimental gene therapy, Canadian Covid Care Alliance says “stop the shots,” injustice towards the vaccine-injured, phase 5 of the Covid injections is coming, corporate media finally admits to menstrual changes post-Covid injection, the Covid injections cause “long Covid-like” symptoms and health experts are quitting the NIH and CDC in droves.

Sperm: Devastating Damage Due to Covid Injection

As concerns have been raised regarding Covid-19 vaccinations’ possible detrimental impact on male fertility, an Israeli study published on 17 June 2022 set out to investigate the effect of Pfizer’s Covid injection on semen.

Sperm from 37 donors, providing 216 samples, were obtained from three sperm banks from men who had received two doses of Pfizer’s Covid “vaccine” were analysed and revealed a 15% decrease in sperm concentration leading to a reduction of 22.1% in total motile count.

In conclusion, the authors of the study found “a selective temporary decline of sperm concentration and total motile count 3 months post-vaccination followed by recovery among [sperm donors].”

Read more: Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors, 17 June 2022

Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Extended in the US

The Biden administration extended the Covid-19 public health emergency for another three months.

Leading up to the renewal of a continuing medical emergency, Senator Rand Paul has accused Dr. Fauci and the White House (which is captured by the HHS Administrative State) of “emotionalism and sensationalism.”

Is this medical emergency justified, or does it reflect yet more mis- dis- and mal-information from the HHS Administrative state acting in coordination with corporate media to propagate fearporn to justify the continuing suspension of medical ethics, normal regulatory process, censorship, and war profiteering by the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex?

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