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All orchestrated: Government Advises Working From Home During Heatwave as Unions Demand Legal Right to Stop Working at 25°C – heading for climate lockdowns

The next few days of forecast high temperatures “may be a moment to work from home” a senior Government minister said on Saturday as unions grabbed the opportunity to demand the right to stop working if temperatures hit, er, 25°C. The Telegraph has more.

Cabinet Office Minister Kit Malthouse has warned that road and rail faced “significant disruption” due to the heatwave as he urged people to avoid travelling on Monday and Tuesday.

Number 10 also warned schools against closing because of the risk that unsupervised children could come to harm in the scorching temperatures.

Senior ministers and officials met as part of the Government’s emergency Cobra committee ahead of a 48-hour period in which temperatures are expected to clear 104°F (40°C) in parts of England.

Mr. Malthouse said: “Obviously, the transport providers are messaging people that they should only travel if they really need to on Monday and Tuesday.

“Services are going to be significantly affected. The heat will affect rails, for example, so the trains have to run slower. There may be fewer services. People need to be on their guard for disruption. If they don’t have to travel, this may be a moment to work from home.”

Mr. Malthouse said steps have been taken to ensure hospitals and ambulances that may come under pressure were prepared.

Schools were also issued with guidance to enable them to remain open. One official said: “It is better for kids to be supervised in that sort of weather. There is a risk that if kids are off school they won’t be supervised and there is more risk they will come into contact with rivers and lakes and there are vulnerable kids who will be left completely alone.” [And for their education?]

Union bosses are calling for workers to have the day off if conditions exceed 25°C, and for employers  to provide sun cream, hats with neck covers and more breaks to reduce the risk of heatstroke.

GMB Union, which represents over 50,000 workers, has demanded that a legal maximum working temperature be imposed in all working environments across the country, and suggested that if bosses fail to provide cool enough conditions, workers should walk out.

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