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A Load of Ballistics

In a recent article, Noah Carl outlined the case made by Canadian academic Dr. Ivan Katchanovski that, contra the consensus opinion outside Russia but in line with Moscow’s messaging, the Ukrainian ‘Revolution of Dignity’ in 2014 was a coup orchestrated by the U.S. in concert with far-right or neo-Nazi elements who deliberately fired on the protesters in the crowd (as well as on Government forces) to escalate the violence and bring about enough bloodshed to force President Yanukovych out of office. Noah says:

Katchanovski has published his arguments concerning the ‘false flag theory’ in scholarly books and journals, and has presented them at academic conferences. All the germane papers are available for free online. You might therefore expect for his work to have received significant media attention – particularly in the last few months.

Well, not so much. Colour me sceptical, but the lack of media coverage might – perhaps – be deserved. Katchanovski is a political scientist with no expertise in firearm forensics, yet he’s claiming to have analysed the events of 2014 from that perspective and to have published ‘academic’ work on the subject. As far as I can see, none of his work on this topic has passed peer review: it’s self-published, apart from one paper which is restricted to political topics but in which he frequently refers to his non-peer reviewed work as if to introduce it via other means into the academic literature.

He’s had one very brief chapter published in a book, but otherwise he has only been able to present his work at conferences, where it has apparently not been well received – for instance by fellow Canadian Ukraine experts Professor David R. Marples and Dr Taras Kuzio. Their criticisms can be boiled down to the fact that his work is poorly written, political rather than academic in nature, and highly flawed in its methodology and analysis. In fairness, Katchanovski is also very dismissive of the work of Marples, Kuzio and others, but he doesn’t engage with their criticisms of his work.

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