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Hungarian Prime Minister sees Ukraine conflict as the beginning of an «era of war» in Europe

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned that the conflict in Eastern Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – ordered by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in late February – has ushered in an “era of war” on the European continent.

The Hungarian head of government gave an interview to the radio station Kossuth Radio, reported by the ‘Budapest Times’, in which he pointed out that the war in Ukraine is also being fought on the international economic map.

For Orbán, today a “great battle” for energy resources is taking place, while other conflicts such as “the fight for jobs” are looming due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by much of the international community in response to the invasion of its neighboring country.

“All those who have a job to value it and do their best to keep it, because the coming months are expected to bring an economic recession in Europe,” Prime Minister Orbán has said.

In this regard, the leader has called on the European Union to assume that “it has made a mistake” and that the sanctions on Russia have failed because, in fact, they are hurting Europe to a greater extent than the Eurasian nation itself.

“(The European Union) thought that they could shorten the war through sanctions because weakening Russia would yield quick results, but the war continues,” said Orbán, who assured that Hungary will have energy supplies, although this will be at “a very high price”.

Finally, the Prime Minister has stressed that the correct solution to a war situation is cooperation and not political speculation, in what is a dart to the Hungarian opposition, which has criticized the measures approved by Orbán to tackle the crisis.

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