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Dutch Farmers Call on Farmers of the World for Day of International Demonstrations

Dutch farmers have called on the world’s blue-collar workers to come together for a Day of International Demonstrations against radical climate policies on July 23.

In a video that’s gaining traction and going viral, the creators call for “Dutch Lions [to] Rise Up Now” before launching into a compilation of civil rights movements featuring the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.

Interspersed throughout the video is footage of Dutch farmers, fishermen, truckers, and general protesters in the Netherlands taking to the streets and blockading highways and distribution centres.

As MLK’s voice plays in the background, the words “Let’s unite, stand up & rise” fades in and out.

Also included in the video are those who’ve protested various destructive climate policies or stood in solidarity with the Dutch in their own countries, including those in France, Italy, Australia, Canada, and the US. Germany and Poland have also been supporting the farmers’ protests.

“Can they really make a difference?” the video asks before showing a reel of successful nonviolent rebellions beginning in 1905.


Dutch farmers are currently protesting a climate policy that will put a 50% cap on nitrogen and ammonia emissions by 2030. Farmers are the primary targets due to the supposed impact of fertilizer use and livestock. It’s estimated that at least 30% of farmers will be forced out of business and will have to sell their land due to the policy.

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