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A deeply sick BBC team spent a week trying to convince seven anti-vaxxers to get the ‘Covid’ jab – but they’ve spend two plus years trying to do that to the whole population and must take responsibility for everyone they persuaded who have died and had their health destroyed

It can’t be trusted. It might damage fertility – or unborn children. It’s been ‘rushed through’ and we’re all ‘human guinea-pigs’. Oh, and it’s ‘a plot to depopulate the Earth’. Sound familiar? All are baseless, yet well-worn claims made about the Covid vaccine.

But can those who hold such ill-informed – and in some instances extreme – opinions ever change their mind? A groundbreaking BBC documentary to be aired on Wednesday sets out to discover just that.

The show features a fascinating experiment in which seven anti-vax Britons spend five days living together in a house – where they are bombarded with myth-busting scientific evidence about the vaccine.

At the end of the week, they are taken to a vaccine clinic and offered a jab there and then. So would the plan be a success… or end in failure?

Among the seven is Vicky, 43, who is convinced the jab is causing deaths and serious injuries that are underplayed by health officials.

She’s been sceptical of modern medicine ever since doctors prescribed painkillers for a back injury, which sent her ‘a little crazy’. There’s also 32-year-old Naomi, who is scared the jab could affect her fertility, and Mark, 50, who says Government pressure to get vaccinated has put him off.

Naomi actually had Covid last year and still suffers symptoms.

Being faced with views like these was frustrating, says the show’s presenter, mathematician Professor Hannah Fry – who is triple-jabbed. ‘There were times I had to bite my cheek,’ she admits.

‘It was definitely challenging. But I don’t want to live in a society where you exclude people or cast people out because they’re not doing what they’re told. I think that you should have a choice.’

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