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‘What’s happening to this country, is all humour dead?’ Ex athletics coach who jokingly dressed up as ‘Olympic 2024 female athletic team’ at town carnival hits back at ‘transphobia’ claim and says his group has nothing to apologise for

The man behind a town carnival entry in which men dressed as women athletes has hit back at claims that the spectacle was transphobic.

Former athletics coach Maurice Cockwill, 75, his son Carlton Cockwill and their friend Paul ‘Benson’ Hutchings appeared in sports bras and swimming trunks alongside a group of women during the Great Torrington May Fair.

Trans stand-up comedian Donna Landy attended the event in Devon back in May and blasted the float for being ‘offensive’ and highlighting a backwards’ viewpoint on transgender issues.

The float featured a sign declaring: ‘Of course we’re women, we sit down to pee’ and ‘Olympics 2024 woman’s 100m final’ – referencing the recent decision from FINA, world swimming’s governing body, who recently adopted a new policy to prohibit transgender women from competing in women’s races.

But Maurice branded the attack as ‘pathetic’ and insists the aim of the stunt was to highlight a serious sporting issue while also ‘having a laugh’.

He told Mail Online the men had nothing to apologise for and added: ‘We never intended to create offence.

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