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How To Destabilize A Nation With Food And Energy Shortages

While the culture wars and inflation preoccupy you, several countries worldwide face food insecurity and destabilization thanks to the bright ideas of our global elites. Sri Lanka is in the news this week as the government appears to be toppling, but the nation is not the first to fall as a result of actions taken by our irresponsible betters.

To fight the Sun Monster, nations entirely on board with the global climate agenda are encouraging the use of natural fertilizers. Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa banned all chemical fertilizers last year. By December 2021, there were widespread concerns about food shortages in his country. Now, Rajapaksa is the former president of Sri Lanka, and throngs of hungry Sri Lankans are rummaging through his kitchen cabinets and using his bathroom. He fled to the Maldives.

A similar trajectory occurred in Ghana, a country rich in new oil and gas discoveries at the beginning of the 2000s — discoveries so big that in 2015, the World Bank approved its largest ever guarantee for the country’s energy sector. The plan was to develop natural gas production and power plants, mainly to benefit investor firms from Italy and the Netherlands “in partnership” with Ghana’s National Petroleum Corporation. And we wonder why African nations hate the West.

Like Sri Lanka, Ghana’s Agricultural Minister began encouraging the use of organic fertilizers in 2021 to address climate change and shortages caused by the pandemic. Ghana has experienced regular blackouts since last year, despite investments in its natural resources. Tucker Carlson reported Tuesday that, according to observers, Ghana is also suffering severe food shortages and hunger. In June, hundreds of protestors clashed with police in the capital of Accra, protesting fuel price hikes, a tax on electronic payments, and spiraling inflation. Once the hunger sets in, count on the angry crowds getting as large as those in Sri Lanka. When people get hungry, things go sideways fast.

Problems are not confined to the third world. As the government tells the Netherlands’ farmers and cattle ranchers to reduce nitrogen and ammonia use by 50%, they can at least roll into town or block the border riding a tractor. It all seems absurd, since nitrogen is a critical ingredient in any fertilizer, including organic ones. Plants require it for photosynthesis. There is also no better fertilizer for home use than milorganite, also known as pelletized chicken poop. It is high in ammonia and about as organic as you can get.

No one ever squares the circle about how to balance the need for manure with the desire to end meat production at the WEF. It is just one way you can tell the climate cabal is not made up of serious people. They are ideologues. The Netherlands is the world’s second-largest net exporter of food, so it won’t just be the Dutch people going hungry when their agricultural sector collapses from stupidity.

As Tucker Carlson noted in his monologue, we don’t have to wonder how the green revolution the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF) are pushing will work out. We already know. Yet, here is resident genius and USAID Administrator Samantha Power in May. She is opining about the fertilizer shortage as an opportunity to move to “natural solutions” like the ones being tried in Sri Lanka, Ghana, and the Netherlands. And she wants Americans to pay for it:


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