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AGAIN: President Of National Women’s Law Center Won’t Define What A Woman Is

During testimony in the House related to the Supreme Court’s decision to hand back abortion laws to the states, a pro-abortion witness refused to define what a woman is despite being asked to do so several times by a Republican Congressman.

The incident is a repeat of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson refusing to define what a woman is earlier in the year, except this time the person giving the testimony was the National Women’s Law Center president.

Republican Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde told Fatima Goss-Graves “Earlier this year, our newest Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, was asked what a woman is and she had a difficult time defining that.”

Clyde continued, “Since you are the president of the National Women’s Law Center, I was hoping that you could define what a woman is for us in this committee hearing.”

Without providing a definition that involved XX chromosomes, Goss-Graves said, “What I’ll tell you is, I am a woman. That’s how I identify.”

Clyde interjected, stating “I simply want an answer.”

She then stated, “I wonder, however, if in part the reason that you’re asking the question is that you’re trying to suggest that people who don’t identify as women can’t get pregnant.”

She continued, “I think it’s actually really important to be very clear here, that there are people who identify as non-binary, I think about 5% of young people, who can be pregnant.”

Clyde again interjected, saying “Okay. We’re not going to go there,” adding “I was hoping maybe you would say something that maybe we learned in high school biology,” the congressman asserted, adding “It has to do with X and Y chromosomes…which define male and female, but I guess we’re not going to get there.”

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