Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 July 2022

Not the Klaus Schwab Secret Diary

Vot a vonderful veek vee are haffing! Meine freunden Rishi Sunak vill gesoon be zee Primal Minister of the whole of England. Compared to me Rishi is a poor man, of course, but although he not yet quite a billionaire he is a of use to us. He becoming one of us was ven he was mit der Goldman Sachs, the Greatest Bank on Earth. The company of his father-in-law called Infosys is one of our members and vas at our little affair in Davos. How good is zat, eh? Rishi will make a vonderful Bilderbugger. He is, how the English say, under my Big Toe. Ha ha.


One of zee Rothschilds came to see me. I do not knowing vich one. They all look the same to me. I know zay have fat vallets because zay valk lopsided and ven they sit down they are falling over, but never do they bring out any money to buy coffee and kuchen.


The Merkel came to see me for her monthly grovel. Vot a voman she is. Vot legs she is having. Give me ten Merkels and I vill ruler the vorld. Ha Ha. I already am ruling the vorld. But give me ten Merkels anyvay.


That idiot Prince Charles telephoned again but I told him I vas busy. He is a nuisance, always with the telephoning for this and for that. Ven he calls next, I vill tell him to order his mother to make me a Duke. She made me a Sir but no one calls me this. I vant to be a Duke. Charlie is a twit but he is useful. I told him to glue himself to the Parade of zee Horsesguards . He said he did not know vere to get glue. I told him to send out one of his servants to fetch it from a glue shop. He is an idiot. He has a man who kneels for him once an hour every day. He does this to please the people. He does not vant to be kneeling himself because he says it make vinkle his trouser. I told him to kneel on both of zee knees so there is vinkling on both sides. Ha Ha.

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