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‘Covid’ and Climate Change: Wake up, before it’s too late

In Douglas Brodie’s latest email, blind copied to the 1922 Committee, he covers crimes against humanity committed by Boris Johnson et al., candidates for Johnson’s replacement, lies, propaganda, catastrophic “net zero” targets, laws being pushed through parliament, that the “safe and effective vaccine” narrative is falling apart and more.

In an email dated 2 July, Brodie wrote about developments, facts and opinions which are not reported by the corrupt, Bill Gates-bribed corporate media on the government’s criminal abuse of the general public.  In his latest email dated 12 July, Brodie briefly followed up on his email 10 days earlier, “except that it has turned out not so brief because of new developments,” he wrote.

I can’t help wondering if my emails, copied Bcc to the Conservative 1922 Committee, could have contributed in some way to the decapitation of Boris Johnson. It is depressing that he was ousted on the pretext of soap opera trivia when not one word has been mentioned that he has been charged with crimes against humanity at the ICC in The Hague along with Matt Hancock, Sajid Javid, Chris Whitty, June Raine (MHRA) and others. Not one Westminster politician has made any kind of stand against the plain-as-day globalist conspiracy and crimes against humanity being committed through the ongoing, evolving Covid‑19 “plandemic and WEF “Great Reset”.

My worry is that Johnson’s replacement could be even more of an undemocratic globalist WEF fanatic, e.g. Rishi Sunak or Jeremy Hunt. It is unbelievable that child-killer Javid is being talked of as a suitable successor. The only untainted replacement I can see is Lord David Frost. Sadly, he isn’t a candidate but is open to persuasion. Too bad the young lady in this short video can’t be involved, or David Kurten.

At least the new health secretary Steve Barclay has no obvious links to the WEF. He has already been served with a letter from 100  health experts calling on him to pause the Covid vaccines for healthy children pending a thorough safety review. Will he will abandon the pointless and dangerous vaccination programme (5th jabs due soon), debunked in this landmark Joel Smalley post, and the WEF-mandated NHS Pass/digital ID agenda? Will he lift the cruel ban on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which has led to so many preventable Covid deaths?

I feel the need to repeat why I persist in my thankless campaign. My colleague Ivor Cummins explains it in THIS short video with a preamble by Dr Mattias Desmet on “mass formation” or hypnosis. I persist because I can see that we are being criminally abused by our traitorous political class who are pursuing a “hidden in plain sight” globally-coordinated “plandemic” for their covert ulterior motive.

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