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Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

On a recent trip to the East Coast, I had the opportunity to be surrounded by a bike culture that was vibrant, expansive, diverse, and thriving. Biking on Cape Cod isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. The electric bike, in particular, is gaining traction and attention as an eco-friendly, easy-to-use option with a growing fan base. I saw a number of them while on vacation, and this got me thinking;

“Are these things for me?”

While trying to answer that question for one’s self, the best approach a consumer can take is often to weigh the value given by a new item, and evaluate these metrics against their own needs and goals. Might an e-bike serve you better than traditional bike? Let’s dive into the world of best electric bikes, and see if one of these fast, buzzy rides is best for you!

Ecologically Friendly

As a growing number of consumers look to items that are both useful and environmentally sensitive, an electric bike strikes many as an eco-conscious alternative to a car or motorcycle. 

As fuel prices around the world soar, many of us are looking to electric and renewable sources of energy to help us save money, as well as help our environment. The electric bike offers all of this as an e-friendly, rechargeable, emissions-free transportation option that allows one the benefit of added speed without polluting. 

Less Tiring than a Traditional Bike

One of the least enjoyable aspects of riding a traditional bike is the eventual fatigue caused by pedaling hard, pedaling uphill, and powering the entire bike. An electric motor can be a fantastic help to a rider, reducing exhaustion and saving the rider energy to better enjoy the surrounding countryside or cityscape. 

Modern electric bikes are also built with comfort in mind, as well, meaning the design of your bike will compliment the motor, leaving you (the rider) more refreshed and energized overall. 


Is the price of an e-bike higher than you average motor-less bike? Yes. While traditional bikes begin within the low-to-mid hundreds price-wise, e-bikes typically begin at around a thousand dollars in 2022, and go up from there. 

The primary point for the consumer to consider is value for money, and how much more valuable the motor of their e-bike is to them than would be the experience of a manual, push-pedal bike. 


Here are some things to consider; How often will you be using your e-bike? What kind of terrain do you have to traverse? How much more beneficial and helpful to you could an e-bike be over a traditional bike? 

Finally, consider the value of ride quality, enjoyment, speed, ease of use, and convenience when weighing the cost of an e-bike. And if you do decide that an e-bike is what you want, make sure to shop around, talk to experts at bike shops, and find a ride that meets your needs, and works for you. There are also a wide range of e-bikes available at different price points, making you likely to find a bike that falls within your budget.

It’s Just More Fun

Yes, this reason may seem a bit simplistic, but when you’re looking to exercise for recreation, health, or commuting, being able to truly enjoy your time doing so is a value in and of itself. 

I’ve actually seen people stare with mild to barely-contained envy at electric bikes whizzing past them on the bike trail. In that person’s head, somewhere, is the thought “dang it, that looks fun!” And while biking can be fun by itself, biking with less strain, greater speed, and that neat, gentle hum of a motor keeping you company has a charm and a worth that really can’t be matched by anything else. You’ll likely see more, notice more, get more out of your day, and have more fun along the way, too.  

Ease of Use and Ownership

I know of a number of adults who can not drive a car, and may never learn. That’s ok. For them, the convenience of a motor-driven ride that doesn’t require a license to operate or new skills to learn may be best. An e-bike offers just that. You get the benefits of a motorized, faster mode of transport without the fees and requirements of larger vehicle, and you get a smaller, compact ride that you can store in your home, or chain to a bike rack with ease. 

Getting around a city is easier, too. Driving and parking a car in a city can be a frustration-inducing nightmare. Owning an e-bike can allow you to navigate that same city, minus the horrendous chore of finding parking, and with the added benefit of a few extra miles per hour under your bike’s hood, so to speak. 

Social Benefits

This may sound odd, but people gravitate towards new, interesting, impressive items. People I would never have chatted with ordinarily have gotten a lengthy conversation and half my life story out of me just by owning a cool-looking, classic truck that caught my attention. An e-bike can have the same effect.

It’s well-built-novel, unique, and can spark conversations, especially among other bike enthusiasts. A bike that’s environmentally friendly, faster, and beautiful will inspire a mix of curiosity and friendly envy; that’s often the perfect emotional mix to get people talking, sharing, and connecting. So owning an electric bike can benefit not only your overall health, but your social life, as well. You may even meet a new friend, and find a new community to connect with. Win-win. 


You’ll Leave Your House More Often

Yes, it’s good to get fresh air. Yes, walking is good for you. Walking is also tiring, and in the heat or cold, can leave you worn out, or frigid. An electric bike, however, will get you moving, get you places you’d like to see faster, and help you get there with less exhaustion. In other words, it will give you more of a reason to leave your house. This reason, while tying into other aspects of an electric bike, has more to do with your overall well-being. 

You see, moving helps us feel better. Seeing new things helps us feel better, too. Getting to places that make us happy (like parks, museums, cafes, bookstores, etc.) can boost our spirits, and make us glad we left the house. For those of us struggling with depression, anxiety, or low energy, and electric bike can give us the motivation and power (literally) to step outside of our homes and see more of the world. This, in turn, can lift our spirits, help us get healthier, and improve our emotional outlook, too. 


So, are electric bikes worth it? From the environmental impact, to the reduction of strain and fatigue, to the ease of ownership, and the emotional and physical health benefits, electric bikes have a surprising number of things to offer the casual and hobbyist biker. I definitely feel that they’re worth it, and look forward to seeing more and more of these bikes on the road. 


About the author:

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