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Wales to become world’s first to adopt 20mph speed limit on residential roads as part of the anti-car agenda

The Senedd is set to vote on the Welsh Government’s plans to introduce a national 20mph speed limit on residential roads on Tuesday. If the law is passed, it will result in the current 30pmh speed limit being reduced to 20mph on most residential roads and busy streets.

Welsh leading active travel groups have claimed that the move will see Wales become the first country in the world to introduce such measures.

The aim of the new policy is to reduce the number of road traffic collisions and improve air quality.

On top of that, those who favour the new measures claim that they will reduce noise pollution and encourage motorists to shift away from cars.

If the Senedd votes in favour of the policy, it is expected to come into force from September 17, 2023.

The Government is estimating that the move will also save money in the long run.

Ministers claimed that it will cost £33million to implement the changes.

However, they expect the new speed limit to save £58million by reducing the use of emergency services and hospital admissions.

Those who support the move added that pedestrians are 40 percent less likely to die when hit by a vehicle travelling at 20mph compared to 30mph.

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